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 In today’s not so surprising news from around the MLB: Tony La Russa retires and CC Sabathia will not opt out of his contract and will remain a Yankee through 2016 with an option for 2017.

In the first business day since the end of the World Series, with game 7 being one of the most watched world series games in recent history, Tony La Russa announced he is retiring from the St. Louis Cardinals. After celebrating the World Series win with a Championship parade, La Russa held a team meeting and announced that he would be retiring. La Russa is the first manager to retire immediately after leading his team to a World Series. Supposedly this was a decision he had made in August.

Realistically speaking, however, this is probably a good move for La Russa. He has won 3 world series in his career, one with Oakland in '89 and two with the Cardinals ('06 and this year). La Russa managed for 33 years and is only second behind Joe Torre in post season victories (70 and 84 respectively). Albert Pujols is a free agent this year, so it's possible that La Russa would have had a much different team to manage if he were to remain.

In other news, CC Sabathia has decided not to test the free agent market and to remain with the Yankees. I mean the big man can make a case for being one of the best pitchers in baseball, but there are very few teams that can afford to pay him anywhere NEAR what the Yankees are paying him (if any can at all). Plus, I hear he kind of likes New Jersey. His new deal will add $30 million and one year to his existing contract with the Bombers, resulting in a deal for 5 years worth $122 million.
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Alex Rodriguez stuck out again.