Todd Haley speaks high praise of rookie RB Le'Veon Bell

Steelers OC Haley raves about rookie RB Bell

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a blue-collar team ever since the birth of their franchise in 1933, often preaching a gritty, grind-it-out style of play. This is a franchise that doesn't give players starting jobs, they reward players with starting jobs. No one walks into Steelers camp with an impressive track record expecting to coast his way to a Week 1 start - no matter who you are, you have to earn the right to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Blog Photo - Todd Haley speaks high praise of rookie RB Le'Veon Bell
The case will be no different for Le'Veon Bell, who was the second running back taken in the 2013 NFL Draft. Sure, the Steelers have a substantial hole in their backfield, but Bell is going to have to prove through hard work and preseason productivity that he is ready to handle the bulk of the work in the backfield. A rookie has not led the Steelers in rushing since 7th overall pick Tim Worley did it in 1989. Even 23rd overall pick Rashard Mendenhall was asked to take a back seat as a rookie in 2008.

However, if there has been any rookie over the past 20 years who is capable of leading the Steelers in rushing, it looks like Bell has the best chance. Not only did the Steelers pass on Eddie Lacy - who brings a similar physicality and was widely considered a better prospect - to get Bell, but Bell is already drawing praise from his new offensive coordinator.

The raves began just a few days after Bell was drafted, when offensive coordinator Todd Haley acknowledged that he expects Bell to make an immediate impact. "He's coming from a pro-style offense," Haley said. "A lot of the runs will be very similar to the runs that he was running (at Michigan State), so I expect him to get into the mix and be a factor."

A few days later, Haley told the media that he views Bell as a "three-down back, which is a big thing for us." He also mentioned that Bell was the Steelers' top-rated running back in the draft, meaning they would have selected him over Giovani Bernard, who was selected 11 picks before Bell. "This is a big guy that can play like a big back," Haley said. "And yet he can also get outside some and catch the ball." Haley was also quoted as saying, "I think (Bell) puts us back in a place where we can have a chance to run the ball and throw the ball out of the backfield successfully."

If you think that's all the praise Haley has given Bell, you're mistaken. The often abrasive offensive coordinator went on to compare Bell to a former All-Pro runner. "Eddie George physical traits," Haley said of his new weapon. "He looks like a workhorse back. He's not a guy that you'd shy away from giving it to him 30 times a game."

Eddie George racked up 315+ rushing attempts in each year of his career, excluding his twilight season as a backup in Dallas. Bell has shown that he could potentially be that same kind of workhorse, as he ran the ball 382 times at Michigan State last season and racked up 414 total touches. It appears that the Steelers could be feeding this beast early and often in 2013.
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