Tom Brady and Bill Belichick explain New England Patriots approach for the new season

Brady and Belichick optimistic about Pats upcoming season

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Tom Brady is optimistic about New England Patriots recording a successful season. He believes that the former New York Jets coach, Bill Belichick can lead Patriots to victory. 


In a recent press release, Patriots quarterback Brady admitted that Patriots had experienced a turbulent preseason so far, nonetheless their performance showed promise.


Brady claimed Belichick had a plan for the upcoming season, parts of which had been tested to success in the preseason. When questioned if Belichick would praise himself for it. He said, “Probably. But I wasn’t lying. There’s a lot to take out of these games. We come in the following day, sit down and watch film, and each of us individually critique what we need to do better. It’s so much fun out there, it’s the first action you get in eight months.”


The 34-year-old veteran, Brady also commented on how the performance of Patriots could be improved in the upcoming season. On the topic he stated, “I think decision-making is right at the top. I’ve been through the game a few times, and I think just the speed of decision-making, what allows a quarterback to be very effective, very sound, not only in fundamentals, but the speed of decision-making.”


Brady explained that a quarterback’s role is pivotal for his team’s success. He said, “It’s hard for you guys to understand with the game on TV and understand why a quarterback does what he does, why you threw where you did. Decision-making is something that I really want to focus on this week in practice. It’s not where it needs to be.”


Brady declared the upcoming season to be different than its predecessors. He articulated, “We haven’t even had the whole team out there yet. We had the lockout, moving on from the lockout, practices, missing the first preseason game, everyone is trying to figure out where they stand with their competition. When we get competition, whether it’s Jacksonville or Tampa, we get a good indication of where we’re at and where we need to go. ...


He added, “We’re still trying to figure out with this team what we’re going to be and what style we’re going to win games this year.”

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That makes me optimistic too about the 'regular season',it's the playoffs that has me less optimistic(if they make it)
I refuse 2 b disappointed!!