Tom Brady apologizes for dirty slide into Ed Reed

Tom Brady has apologized, but should he be fined for his dirty slide?

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Tom Brady has been widely criticized for the slide that he took during the AFC Championship Game. While attempting to run on a 1st and goal play right before halftime, Brady slid to avoid a hit, but had his right leg extended into the air, hitting Ed Reed in the knee as Reed tried to jump over him.

Brady has since apologized for the slide, calling Reed personally to express his regret for the incident.

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard, who is probably the last person who should ever speak on an issue like this, says that Brady should be fined for the slide.

"If you want to keep this going in the right direction, everyone should be penalized for their actions."

Again... Pollard is absolutely the last person who should ever comment about something like this.

Blog Photo - Tom Brady apologizes for dirty slide into Ed ReedKeep in mind that Pollard's helmet-to-helmet hit is the one that knocked Stevan Ridley out cold. Pollard is also the one who injured Rob Gronkowski last year. He also happens to be the one who injured Wes Welker in week 17 of the 2009 season. You may be shocked to learn that he's also the guy who hit Tom Brady below the knee, resulting in Brady missing the entire 2008 season with an ACL tear.

The only reason anyone might even briefly consider Pollard's opinion is because he is possibly the one player in the NFL who is MOST familiar with dirty hits that could potentially injure an opponent.

HOWEVER... much to my dismay, Pollard is correct, in this case.

First, a disclaimer: Tom Brady is ridiculously slow and uncoordinated. He's masterful at throwing a football, but when it comes to running or any other athletic activity, he's completely incompetent.

I don't think Brady intentionally was trying to injure Ed Reed.

In reality, there was an equal (if not greater) chance that Brady would injure himself.

I think Tom Brady is just absolutely abysmal at sliding properly.

I think he sucks at it, and that's why we saw that play happen last Sunday.

Still, there are a lot of defensive players who aren't good enough at their job, and get fined for it. In many cases in which defensive players are fined, it begins with their failure to make the right play in the first place. Whether they fail in coverage and get there too late, and hit a defenseless receiver, or they aren't good enough at wrapping up for a tackle and level a helmet-to-helmet hit, it happens a lot.

Regardless of Tom Brady's intentions, he should be fined for this. You know... just like anyone else.

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1/25/13   |   laskomonkey

Not fine against the guy that put a helmet to helmet hit on Ridley and knocked him out? Figures... doesnt suprise me.   Ravens are a dirty team... right there along with the Steelers. I guarantee you had brady not put his leg up,  Reed would have driven down into him in the ground... even though he was sliding... ive seen it many times... thats just how they play.

1/23/13   |   nicky1247   |   2 respect

Well, your question has just been answered. Brady's been fined with 10K for "unnecesary roughness". It's very unfair, but rules are rules...