Tom Brady fined $10K for slide kick

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Baltimore Ravens marked another victory against the New England Patriots this week after the NFL fined Tom Brady $10,000 for unnecessary roughness on a play in Sunday’s AFC Championship loss to the Ravens. The NFL announced the fine on Wednesday after reviewing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s controversial slide kick, to Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed’s leg.
Late in the first half of Baltimore Ravens’ 28-13 win Sunday, Tom Brady scrambled to the left before sliding at the end of an impromptu run during which he had his leg raised a few feet above the ground while hitting Ed Reed, who was charging towards him in the leg.
Baltimore Ravens strong safety Bernard Pollard was the first to raise the issue, stating that the NFL should fine Tom Brady for the slide kick. In accordance with the NFL rule book, quarterbacks are protected from being hit when they are sliding on the ground.
"When you slide, obviously quarterbacks know when they slide, everything is on the ground. He knew what he was doing," Bernard Pollard said on Monday. "You've got to keep them legs down…When you come sliding, and your leg is up in the air trying to kick somebody, that's bullcrap.”
“If you want to keep the game clean, if you want to keep this thing going in the right direction, everybody needs to be penalized for their actions,” continued Bernard Pollard. “Hopefully, the NFL will do something about it. If they don't, that's fine. If they do, that's fine.”
Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh was also upset that the officials didn’t flag Tom Brady for unnecessary roughness on the play.
"I saw the same thing you saw. I saw the same thing everybody saw, so that would be in the league’s hands. It’s pretty straightforward what happened,” said John Harbaugh on Monday. “I’m going to leave it up to you guys to make those evaluations and to the league to make that evaluation."
However, Tom Brady later apologized to Ed Reed for what seemed like an inadvertent kick amid a slide that could have looked even in case someone took a serious injury on the play.
"Leg is feeling all right, a little sore right now," Ed Reed said in a radio interview on Monday. "A little slide kick, you know what I'm saying. It's a tough spot the quarterback's in. I understand Brady's point, him protecting himself. I know he's a great player.”
“I respect Brady and his game for all it stands for, and I know he's not a dirty player, and emotions get going in the game,” added Ed Reed. “We talked actually not too long ago, we talked on the phone. He actually reached out to me, texted me.”
“I tried to text him back, but the message exploded after 12 seconds. So, I had to call him. And he's just apologized and whatnot. I told him, 'It's good, man.'"
Considering the amount of the fine, it’s likely the NFL made the decision as a symbolic gesture to prove that the disciplining process goes both ways. Usually, defensive players are fined for making unnecessary contact with quarterbacks.
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