Tom Brady's dirty play?

1/21/13 in NFL   |   Trokspot   |   65 respect

We all know that Tom Brady isn't the most athletic player in the NFL.  (If you didn't know that, or are just interested in a good laugh, click here for evidence.)  But even an unathletic Tom Brady should be able to slide, right? 

If we do go ahead and assume that even Tom Brady should be able to safely slide to end a particular play, does that make his slide into Ed Reed a dirty play?  When you look at the slide, you see Brady doing his best karate-kid impersonation, with a foot flying right into Reed's knee.  If you see the play in slow motion, it almost appears that Brady extends the kick when he feels the contact with Reed. 

As a Colts fan, I do not like Tom Brady.  But I don't know that I recall him ever being a dirty player.  Was this an innocent mistake, or has he been hanging around Ndamokong Suh taking notes?
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