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Auburn was easy.  The Longhorns were like pulling teeth.  And the one guy I singled out in my breakdown of the Notre Dame game as the calm hand that would guide the Irish through was the guy that had just a terrible game.  Go figure.  It's still a 2-1 day, and that allowed me to cop a modest profit with a 4-2 week to start the month.  I'll take it, but there's plenty more to do.
THE NFL  (4-9 last week)
A bad week for the numbers last week, but I survived it just fine.  It's time to pull out another favorite personal cliche of mine:  Since I offer an opinion on all the games, it's not about picking them all right as much as it is picking the right ones.
BUTTA  (2-1 last week)
1.  49ERS (-260) over Panthers - I could probably get away with a win by laying the (-6) hung on the Niners here.  The Panthers are playing with a lot of confidence right now though, but this is a huge step up in class for them over the teans they've beaten during their 4-game winning streak. 
2.  SAINTS (-260) over Cowboys - Once again, I could probably sneak out with a win by laying the (-6) hung on the Saints, but these Cowboys are a strange bunch to try and handicap.  Their defense is awful, and Drew Brees should have a field day.  Dallas can't run the ball on offense, and you can count on Romo making a critical error at some point, but the 'Boys are still sitting there with a winning record.  That makes them dangerous. 
  1.  Seahawks (-4 1/2) over FALCONS - Atlanta gets Roddy White back for Matty Ice to throw to, but I think there's a lot more trouble with the Falcons than just injuries.  I think that system is broke, and that's mainly because there's no running game to help the passing game out.  Their defense is also suspect because the offense has trouble sustaining anything.  All that being said, the 'Hawks aren't any bargain lately as a favorite either.  They seem to have hit a plateau over the last couple of weeks, and they haven't looked at all like the championship caliber team that I expect they are.
  2.  BEARS (pk) over Lions - I really don't like either side over the other in this game, but I think the Bears might have a slight edge here as the Lions are the dome team heading out into the elements in Chicago in November.
  3.  Eagles (-1) over PACKERS - Philly had it awfully easy last week in Oakland, and this is their 2nd straight road game.  That sends a big red flag up on them, but I just don't think the Pack can win with Seneca Wallace playing QB.
  4.  TITANS (-12 1/2) over Jaguars - Why even waste the characters to try to come up with anything for this game?
  5.  COLTS (-9) over Rams - There's a bit of a feeling out there among the monkeys with bad combovers that the Colts will have a letdown off last week's big comeback win on the road in a division game.  The way I see it is different.  What I'm looking at is a very good Colts team, at home, and going against a struggling Rams team, who's backup QB is making his first start of the season on the road.
  6.  Raiders (+7) at GIANTS - Maybe a pride restoring effort from the Raiders after getting humiliated last week?  Heaven knows the G-Men aren't the kind of team that can really dominate anybody this year.
  7.  Bills (+3) at STEELERS - At face value, the Bills should win this game because they can, and most likely will, dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.  E.J. Manuel will also be back to start at QB for Buffalo today, so that's a good thing too.  But the thing with the Bills is that they always seem to find a way to lose a game.
  8.  RAVENS (+1 1/2) vs. Bengals - They aren't going to get any of my money, but I'm going to lean toward the Ravens here.  I honestly think we can already stick a fork in Baltimore for the season, but a win in this game against the division leader will keep them hanging on by their fingernails. 
  9.  Broncos (-7) over CHARGERS - When you break things down, Philip Rivers may be having the best year of his career this season.  His problem, however, is that he has no running game to speak of, and the Bolts defense gives the offense no help at all.  The Donkeys defense can be had, but their offense doesn't need any help from the stop unit.  They're going to roll regardless.
10.  CARDINALS (-3) over Texans - I'm still trying to figure out how the Texans blew that game last week, but you know what?  That's just the kind of stuff that happens when it's not your year.  The Cardinals aren't great, but they're good at home.
TOTALS  (3-1 last week)
OVERS - Seahawks/FALCONS (45 1/2) and Rams/COLTS (44 1/2)
UNDERS - Lions/BEARS (52 1/2) and Cowboys/SAINTS (53 1/2)
So that's it for today.  The NBA will be making it's first appearance on this page for the new season starting tomorrow.  Until then, have a grand and glorious Sunday, be careful out there and I'll see you later.
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