Tony Allen Fined $5,000 for Overacting

Tony Allen fined $5,000 for overacting

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During the fourth quarter of Game 2 in the Western Conference Finals, Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard, Tony Allen, hit the floor hard after Manu Ginobili held down Allen’s arm to prevent a layup.  The play was immediately reviewed to see whether or not it was a flagrant foul after Allen grabbed his head in pain.
With just 26 seconds left in regulation and the Grizzlies down by four, the referees agreed that the play was a flagrant foul.  Allen than proceeded to hit both of his free throws and the Grizzlies also got the ball back, sending the game into a crucial overtime.
However, after re-watching the play in slow motion, it was clear that Allen's head never hit the floor at all.  Rather, he pretended like it did.  In fact, Allen faked his injury so well, it even fooled the referees who watched the play over on replay. 
But the league was not so easily fooled, neither were the fans.  As a result, Allen was fined $5,000 from the league in their new policy to prevent flopping and overacting.  Unfortunately, petty fines may not be enough to convince players to stop their flopping, since players are able to change the outcome of games by flopping.  Players can be fined later, however, the outcome of the game cannot be changed later.  Ask any player if they would give up $5,000 for the chance to change the outcome of a game and they would all say - YES.
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