Tony Parker: Game 6 Will Hurt Till I Die

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  Blog Photo - Tony Parker: Game 6 Will Hurt Till I Die

Despite leading France to the European basketball Finals after defeating Spain in the semifinals on Friday, even a Euro championship will not take the sting away from the San Antonio Spurs Game 6 collapse against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. 
"It's obviously going to hurt until I die,” said Parker.  “I'll be 95 years old and dying, and I'll be like, 'Oh, Game 6.' That's life."
Still, Parker is optimistic about the Spurs chances this upcoming year. 
"The signing of Marco Belinelli is a great signing for us," Parker said. "Pop is going to do a great job of resting me, Manu and Tim during the season. We have those young guys -- Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard -- getting better and better. So I think we're going to have a great chance to do it again next year. That's what you want as a basketball player, to have that opportunity to try to win it. You don't win it every year but you try to have the opportunity, and that's what we have with the Spurs.”
If the Spurs can use their loss last year as fuel for the upcoming season, they’ll be right in the mix of things once again. Teams such as the Lakers and the Heat have bounced back after a Finals loss and won it the year after, so the Spurs won’t be walking on unchartered territory. They just have to make sure they remain healthy for the playoffs and have their minutes monitored during the regular season because they are a much older team than either of those teams were.
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