Tony Parker May Miss Olympics Due to Eye Injury

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Blog Photo - Tony Parker May Miss Olympics Due to Eye Injury
In a Q & A interview on Tony Parker's website, he talks about (in French) the possibility of missing the Olympics due to his eye injury. 
The San Antonio point guard said that a piece of glass penetrated his eye after the brawl between Drake’s entourage and Chris Brown in a New York City nightclub.  As a result, Tony had to get surgery on his left eye to remove the piece of glass.  Had it not been for the surgery, Tony says that he could’ve easily lost his eye.
After the surgery, Tony was cooped up in his hotel room for 8 days and prevented from going outside due to the possibility of infection.  He said that every two hours he has to put five different products into his eye.
He will now fly to New York City on July 5th to see an eye specialist for further examination.  Depending on what the specialist says, Tony will either have the green light or the red light for the Olympics.  After waiting all this time to qualify for the Olympics, Tony was looking forward to leading his country to an Olympic medal, but that decision is no longer up to him anymore.  It’s in the hands of a doctor in New York and the San Antonio Spurs.
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