Tony Parker To Get MRI on Wednesday

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Blog Photo - Tony Parker To Get MRI on Wednesday
Somewhere during the third quarter of Game 3 in the NBA Finals, point guard, Tony Parker, felt enough soreness in his hamstring to pull himself out of the game.  As a point guard who makes his living in the paint, Tony Parker is the kind of basketball player that is always getting hit and always hitting the floor, yet he is also never one to complain.  So, for the catalyst of the Spurs offense to willingly pull himself out in the middle of the NBA Finals, is a bit alarming.
At the same time, Spurs fans have reason to take a sigh of relief, since Parker did return to the floor in the fourth quarter.  The doctor said that it was “okay” according to Parker.  Yet, Parker will still get a MRI some time on Wednesday to see exactly what is going on with his hamstring. 
“Hopefully it’s nothing big and it’s just a cramping, or got tight on me,” said Parker, who returned briefly in the fourth after the injury. “It was just a weird feeling. The doctor said I was OK…and we were up big so Pop didn’t want to take a risk. We will see [Wednesday].”
Parker has had some calf issues this season, so whether or not the hamstring issue is related to it remains to be seen.  Fortunately for the Spurs, the team did not need Parker in game 6, as evidenced by their 36 point blow-out, despite Parker’s 6 points.
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