Tony Romo a potential threat for the Chargers

9/26/13 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe San Diego Chargers have been watching the Dallas Cowboys for their coming match and have seen a different trend on the rise: the overall performance of the Cowboys is visibly down but Tony Romo is upping his game.
The change in Romos game has been the center of discussion amidst the Chargers. About his game, Linebacker Donald Butler said “He’s been a lot more protective with the football and making good decisions.”
Stemming quarterbacks from causing damage had been the Chargers weakness for a while and this news has made them particularly edgy. But they claim to have a strategy to contain Romo.
Their tactic is an old but tried and tested one. They believe that Romo still hold the old weakness he had: once shaken, he has a hard time getting back in the game. It’s easy to take him out of the game.”
Defensive end Corey Liuget agreed. “We know that once he’s rattled and what not. It’s easy to take him out of the game.”
The Chargers have been slow to adjust their defense the past two weeks and may be underestimating how much Romo has improved and the extent to which the Cowboys have changed tactics. Romo is passing the ball much faster than he used to and is being offered more security in the pocket.
This has led to astounding results: one interception, six touchdowns and a completion rate of 72.2 percent which is ranked at No.2 in the NFL.
The Chargers have been decimated by quarterbacks quick with their plays and have level of coordination with the rest of the team. As Romo is now one of them, they are in for a test unless they find a way to contain him fast.
Although the Chargers managed to disable the Eagles quarterback Michael Vick from running, he did throw his career highest of 428 yards in a single game.
To contain him, linebacker Jarret Johnson said “You just got to get after him. Somebody has to defeat a block.” But the defensive front of Chargers has been facing quite a bit of problems doing just that. And even if they achieve that, they still have to deal with Romos ability to make the best out of a situation and prolong plays.
When asked about the game plan, Liuget said “It’s a simple offense,” regarding the plays Cowboys make. “They don’t do too many plays. The key is to definitely hit Romo early and try to take Romo out of the game and put the ball in (running back DeMarco Murray’s) hands.”
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