Tony Stewart throws a helmet at Matt Kenseth's car
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Tony Stewart proves what we knew all along: NASCAR drivers aren't athletes

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Aug 25, 2012; Bristol, TN, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Matt Kenseth (17) hits Tony Stewart (14) during the IRWIN Tools Night Race a Bristol Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PresswireA few times a year, I engage in a discussion about various sports and non-sports, and why they are sports (or non-sports).

One of my favorite fan bases to engage is the NASCAR bunch.

Despite the fact that drivers sit on their tookis for hours on end, I'm supposed to believe that these are highly tuned athletes. The fact is, the only thing that's highly tuned is the several thousand pound machine they're sitting in.

I'll be damned if you try to tell me that these drivers are athletes. I'd have an easier time calling the CAR an athlete, if anything. And we all know that's just ridiculous.

No worries though, folks. Tony Stewart, one of the best drivers on the NASCAR circuit, has been helpful enough to end the debate for us, once and for all.

Let's be serious... if he were an athlete, is this what it would look like if he tried to throw a helmet at another driver? Would he really throw like a 6-year old girl?

Blog Photo - Tony Stewart throws a helmet at Matt Kenseth's car

Of course not.

Case closed. Not an athlete. Good day.

Thanks to Guyism for the GIF and video
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I disagree.   Some drivers work out, Tony isn't one of them.  That incident happened late in the race. Dude was tired and pissed. You are obviously not a Nascar fan, I can respect that.  Really with all the other stuff going on, why pick just this one incident?