Too early for Vikings to give up on franchise quarterback Christian Ponder?

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The Minnesota Vikings struggled to form a head-to-toe of their previous season but looks like their waiting has finally come to an end.
No it’s not a big market quarterback, it’s the Minnesota Vikings’ own returning quarterback Christian Ponder. Now, if you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, your voice probably ran hoarse and throat went dry yelling at Christian Ponder to quickly move the ball or cussing over his unwise plays…but hey! Not everyone’s Washington Redskins armor clad savior RG3. Christian Ponder had his share of good and bad decisions in his rookie season and the pay things have been going now looks like he picked up a lot from those experiences.
However, it’s understandable to conceive the building pressure in a league managers are being given the boot mid season for taking the team down once more to a familiar losing route. But even after last horrible season, Christian Ponder isn’t a temporary guest with the Minnesota Vikings.
The Minnesota Vikings went out for a franchise quarterback in 2011, trading picks to move up in the drafts. And they were willing to hand over their hearts to quarterback when they drafted Christian Ponder on a 12th overall pick out of Florida State.
Nonetheless, being slapped with the label of franchise quarterback doesn’t make the road ahead any easier as Christian Ponder discovered after the Minnesota Vikings released then starting quarterback Donovan McNabb. It was like falling through space trying to grab on to something as Christian Ponder faced some of the strongest defensive teams in the league from behind a weak defensive line.
So what does it tell you when the Minnesota Vikings use their No.3 overall pick to draft offensive tackle Matt Kalil out of USC in 2012. It’s called drafting a franchise quality “blind side" tackle to protect the Minnesota Vikings quarterback of the future, Christian Ponder.
For someone in his condition, Christian Ponder seemed to be getting a handle of things by the end of the 2011 season, with a glimmer of franchise quarterback qualities. Down the stretch, Christian Ponder almost beat the then undefeated Green Bay Packers. And just a week later Christian Ponder was led the Minnesota Vikings to a 24-21 victory over Carolina Panther and their franchise quarterback Cam Newton.
Since he was still figuring things out, Christina Ponder bet on the next season to make bigger conquests. So where is the Minnesota Vikings’ promised franchise quarterback now?
Contrary to the popular belief that Christina Ponder’s average production serves him a “C,” to me it’s more along a “B-minus” route. However, there are pervasive beliefs that it’s time for the Minnesota Vikings to give up on the quarterback who led them to 1-2 in the last three games.
But isn’t that giving up too early on a rising quarterback who’d perform even better with the right weapons surrounding him an offensive wall that is worthy of protecting a franchise quarterback. If things unfold so, there’s no saying the Minnesota Vikings could go beyond just a playoffs run, and even contend for the championship.
Alas, the Minnesota Vikings will have to judge whether they are replicating the 1992 Atlanta Falcons’ mistake who handed over Brett Favre to the Green Bay Packers. That’s a decision potentially carry a loss that can take a franchise years to recover from.
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