Top 10 Cheerleading Scandals, In Honor Of Former Patriots Cheerleader Caitlin Davis

If You Think Drawing Swastikas On Someone's Face Is Bad, Wait Until You Hear About Courtney Simpson

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In honor of recently fired Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis, we've decided to compile the Top 10 cheerleading scandals in sports. Some are rather timid, like a little player-cheerleader fraternization. Others... well, you'll just have to read it to find out. Here's the list, starting with #10:

#10: Chris Cooley And Christy Oglevee
This isn't a scandal anymore, but at the time they started dating, it was one. Cooley and the former Christy Oglevee met at work, where Chris was (and still is) a tight end for the Washington Redskins and Christy was a cheerleader. There's pretty strict rules concerning fraternization between players and cheerleaders, but the future Cooleys ignored those, and Christy was eventually fired. It turned out to be worth it, since they're married now. The best part: they met through another cheerleader that Chris dated, who was also eventually fired for fraternizing with Cooley.

Here's Mrs. Cooley:

#9: Indiana Cheerleader
An Indiana cheerleader made the mistake of posing in some extremely NSFW photographs while she was on the 2008 squad. Not the smartest of ideas. She naturally lost her spot on the team once the pictures wound up all over the internet.  Moral of the story, don't let naked pictures of yourself get out on the web. Here are some of the tamer ones:

#8: Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Even the CFL is getting in on the action, here. Earlier this year, a bunch of racy pictures surfaced featuring the Blue Bombers cheerleaders. It turns out they were older pictures, mostly from 2005, and none of the girls were still with the team, but they were still photographed in uniform, which wasn't exactly thrilling for the Blue Bombers brass.

Some pics from the gallery are a bit too NSFW to show here, but here's a sample:

#7: McKinnley, Texas - The "Fab Five"
This story became such a big deal that it eventually inspired a Lifetime original movie about it. Here's the movie synopsis from IMDB:

"Five high school cheerleaders, including the daughter of the school principal, run amok -- and teachers, parents and administrators allow them to get away with a wide range of scandalous behavior. Know as the "fab five," the girls disregard school rules, drink alcohol and post suggestive pictures on the Internet. But when the new cheerleading coach attempts to discipline them, her superiors ask her to resign. The real version of the events took place in McKinney, Texas, a Dallas suburb, and received national media attention in 2006."

Here are some pics of the girls:


#6: Sacramento Kings
Several members of the Sacramento Kings dance team got in quite a bit of trouble when photos leaked out of them partying one night. After the photos began circulating online, Maloof Sports and Entertainment Business Communications Manager Jaime Morse Mills issued a brief statement, saying the pictures were published without the knowledge or permission of the dance team members or the organization. "(The pictures) do not adhere to the principles and values of the Sacramento Kings organization," Mills stated. Thankfully nothing happened, and 4 of the girls who appeared in the pictures are still with the dance team this year. Which pictures, you ask? These pictures, among others that you can find here:


#5: Vanessa Curry And Kobe Bryant

Word came out in May just after the NBA playoffs began that one Vanessa Curry had been dropped from the Lakers dance squad. The reason given was that she wanted to begin her "hosting" career and left the squad voluntarily. However, it quickly leaked that the real reason why she had been dropped from the squad was because she had been having an affair with Kobe Bryant. While the story was originally reported by blogs, it gained a ton of credibility when a freelance ESPN reporter was yelled at by Kobe's wife Vanessa over a relatively innocuous story that the ESPN reporter had written. Shortly after the incident, the ESPN reporter wrote on her own blog this interesting tidbit:

Perhaps she's angry at the world because there were rumors today that came out that Kobe Bryant slept with a Lakers cheerleader – a hotter version of his wife who is also named Vanessa - and she got fired. While I am completely against cheating, can you honestly blame Kobe if he didn't want to sleep with that???

ESPN of course instantly forced Lane to delete her blog. And we have to assume that because Kobe wasn't cheating on his wife anymore, the Lakers lost in the Finals to the Celtics.

Here's Ms. Curry:

#4: Arizona State
Six ASU cheerleaders appeared in their underwear in a fairly benign set of pictures that were apparently taken at a "cheer party." Despite the fact that the pictures were 2 years old, and of the cheerleaders in the photos only 2 were still at the school, the entire 16 cheerleader squad was cut by the school's athletic director. That may sound harsh, but after you read about the #1 cheerleading scandal on here, you'll understand why the school went as nuts as it did. Pics from the party, as well as a little school spirit:

#3: Caitlin Davis, New England Patriots
You can read more about this one (and see more pics) here, but here's the general gist: Caitlin Davis, Patriots cheerleader, posted some pictures on her facebook profile of her holding a marker over her drunk friend. It just so happens that someone had written swastikas and penis drawings all over that particular friend. While Davis claims it wasn't her, the Patriots didn't take kindly to it, and gave her the boot anyway. Here's the evidence, as well as a couple bonus pics:


#2: Carolina Panthers, Bathroom Sexscapades
This was the biggest NFL cheerleader scandal yet. Panthers cheerleaders
Angela Ellen Keathley and Renee Thomas were in a bathroom stall together at a nightclub in Florida, when other patrons started getting rowdy because the girls had been in there entirely too long. Before long, a fight broke out. What might two young ladies be doing for so long in a bathroom stall together? According to witnesses, they were having sex. The ladies were subsequently dropped from the team. The ladies' mug shots, and then pics of better days, when they were still cheerleaders:

#1 Courtney Simpson, Arizona State
This cheerleading scandal puts all the other ones to shame. Courtney Simpson, who grew up in a devout Mormon family, arrived at ASU in 2004 on a full academic scholarship and joined the cheerleading squad. However, by January, she wound up in the pornography industry - all while still at ASU. After her freshman year, she dropped out of ASU and moved to California but still wound up causing a huge controversy that involved ASU. That's because she appeared in a porno wearing her ASU cheerleader uniform, and she was featured on the video's box cover in the uniform as well. ASU looked into suing over the box cover, but her uniform was ultimately changed on the cover from ASU to USA. However, she does wear the ASU uniform in the actual movie. Simpson went on to appear in 250 pornos in under 2 years, so it's easy to understand why ASU didn't exactly want their name associated with her. Simpson is also unquestionably why the school came down so hard on the more recent ASU cheerleading scandal.

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blamka wrote:
Seriously, how can you guys forget about Becca Manns?

Awesome beauty

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blamka wrote:
Seriously, how can you guys forget about Becca Manns?

Awesome beauty

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Does this post get any better?  Might be the best post EVER...wait no the one with the hot ass F-1 girls THEN this post.

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Come on ....  Girls just wanna have fun! 

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Wow.....just do the math - 250 porno's in under 2 years..........did she ever sleep at all ??!!         

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 wow, i found search google! i cant believe it! becca just took pics of herself pose nude, i think asu courtney simpson scandal worse than becca manns, because embarrassed everyone know Courtney Simpson. 

btw, i love bad girls! hehe!

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blamka wrote:
Seriously, how can you guys forget about Becca Manns?

tell me what happen? can ya explain me abt that girl Becca Manns? she was louisville cheerleader?

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Giggity, Giggity, allright!!!!!!!

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I just like how Arizona State accounts for 20% of the top ten. Nice work ASU.

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blamka wrote:
Seriously, how can you guys forget about Becca Manns?

   Trust me man, I have not forgotten about Becca Manns by no means.  I have all the "interesting" pictures that were posted of her and I gotta say that I was impressed.  When I seen those pics, I was like "I had to have them!"  There are some hott girls but this girl is damn, FINE in my book!

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kantwistaye wrote:
Devout Mormon girl to porn star.... go figure.

I've seen her work...not bad, not bad at all.

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 The Panthers one was the best 2 girls in a bathroom drunk. I love cheerleading scandals.

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Hands down should be the Louisville cheerleader #1, but she didn't even make this top 10...
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While I admit she should be on here, she didn't go into porn, which means she stands no chance of being #1.

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Awesome article Pat!

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Thats what im talking!, I love these types of your articles, keep it up Pat!!!

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Hands down should be the Louisville cheerleader #1, but she didn't even make this top 10...

Seriously, how can you guys forget about Becca Manns?

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I guess I won't be taking my daughter to cheerleader camp this summer.....

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kantwistaye wrote:
Devout Mormon girl to porn star.... go figure.

I know a porn star. She used to be a Marine, and went to the same foreign language training school that I did. And then they kicked her out for doing... well, stuff that you'd expect from a porn star. Real name = Liz Staley. There are also pics out there of her giving a lap dance to Hank Baskett's new fiancee Kendra Wilkinson. That's right... her paycheck used to be funded by taxpayer dollars.

/semi-random tangent

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Devout Mormon girl to porn star.... go figure.

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