Top 10 Ways To Annoy The Cleveland Browns

12/11/08 in NFL   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

Well, the Browns are headed for yet another losing season. Frustrating isn't it? Since they came back in 1999, the Browns have by far two---count'em---two winning seasons and only one playoff appearance. That REALLY blows eh? Well, get ready folks; top ten ways to annoy the Cleveland Browns (eat your heart David Letterman!). Here we go: 10) Stick a bone in Romeo Crennel's ear. 9) Build a doghouse for the mascot outside the men's room.8) Attempt to soft toss a paper wad to Braylon Edwards immediately yelling "think fast" 7) Put a mouse down the skirt of a Browns cheerleader---oh, I'm sorry, the Browns don't HAVE cheerleaders! 6) Put them in a football game against Cleveland St.Ignacious and watch a high school team kick the living SNOT out of 'em! 5) Walk into their locker room wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. 4) Put a photo of Art Modell in front of Al Lerner's tombstone. 3) Hire Mike Phipps as quarterback's coach 2) Dress up like Nick Skorich carrying a job application. And the number one way to annoy the Cleveland Browns: have Mark Cuban buy the franchise, and move them to L.A.!
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