Top 3 NBA rookie who値l struggle in the 2012-2013 season

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Entering the regular-season, the NBA rookies will need a thorough reality check to determine that they’re no longer the cream of the crop. There are bigger names such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant who own the league after making their mark over the years.
While every rookie will struggle under the shadow of the typical franchise faces to establish a first impression by taking up challenges to fuel their desire of emerging at the top, a vast majority of the rookie will just fade away and be replaced by new names in next years’ drafts.
 This is the Pros and the harsh reality is that only a few talented rookies will go forward to make their mark in the league.
Hence, following are listed three rookies who’ll likely go through a lot towards achieving that dream in the 2012-2013 season.
Fab Melo
The 22nd overall selection was drafted out of Scyracuse by the Boston Celtics. While the fans were initially perplexed and not so receptive about Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge’s choice of rookie, things have calmed down as the preseason heads on.
Back at college, Fab Melo heavily relied on his height (7-ft) to easily earn rebounds but things are more complex in the Pros.
The Boston Celtics drafted Fab Melo for his defensive capabilities, which are a notch higher than his offensive skills. Still Fab Melo has struggled at both sides of the court and is lacking the consistency he needs to prove he can contribute for the Boston Celtics.
While Fab Melo will quickly get a hang of blocking at the basket, it will take him more time to perform at a satisfactory level in pick-and-roll situations, a quality that the Boston Celtics desperately need in the center.
Austin Rivers
Many were concerned that rookie Austin Rivers was still not ready for the NBA when he declared for the drafts with one-year at Duke under his belt.
Although Austin Rivers was a great offensive weapon at Duke, there are still a few faults in his play that need work.
Austin Rivers was placed as a point guard in Duke’s lineup but his inclination to shoot spontaneously is amateurish for a rookie who’s looking to make impact on the floor. The 20-year-old has a taste for the spotlight, leading the team with 15.5 points per game last season, but that kind of self-interested mentality goes out of the window when you enter the NBA. Moreover, Austin Rivers averaged more turnovers than assists last season at Duke.
Consequently, Austin Rivers didn’t develop much defensive skills and averaged just 3.4 rebounds per game, which is particularly low for a guard.
Under the current circumstances, calling out the NBA 2011 MVP LeBron James seems like a bad call by the rookie.
Andre Drummond
Not unlike fellow higher-drafted rookies this season, Andre Drummond’s fate too was sealed with a struggling team that desperately needs to revamp its roster to be taken seriously.
The Detroit Pistons need Andre Drummond to spark their game but it’s too much asking from a rookie who wasn’t even a star player at UConn and blocked just 2.7 shots and scored on 30 percent of his free throws.
Andre Drummond’s first pro game in the summer league provoked broad criticism. However, it only motivated the 19-year-old Andre Drummond to score some serious points and grab major number of the board. Still Andre Drummond will have to work on his fabled inconsistency to prove himself in his rookie season.
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