Top 3 teams that are a threat to Boston Celtics

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Top 3 teams that are a threat to Boston Celtics
The Boston Celtics have made a tradition of remaining in the playoffs contention game and this season looks no different for them, opening up possibilities of an 18th NBA title. The roster is packed with talent and experience, and the Boston Celtics refurbished their bench this season, trading up a few aging veterans for younger talent.
However, every team has its weaknesses and coaches invest loads of time scrutinizing over their rival’s glaring flaws on film to give their team an edge in a matchup. So just like any other team, the Boston Celtics too could be brought down to the ground with the perfect combination of schemes, skill set and talent. The following teams may just have that special quality that could make the Boston Celtics time on court that much harder.
Memphis Grizzlies
The key word here is size. The Memphis Grizzlies have plenty of players who fit the bill, and they are more than just intimidating bodies on the boards. Marc Gasol and Zac Randolph both boast emarkable ball handling abilities and form one of the deadliest front court pairing in the entire league.
And then the Memphis Grizzlies have former first round picks Marreese Speights and Darrell Arthur (who’s instrumental when healthy) adding a spark to their game coming off the bench. So, there’s not really a question of the Memphis Grizzlies production suddenly dropping with Marc Gasol hitting the bench for a breather now and then.
Additionally, the Memphis Grizzlies also hold cards to Paul Pierce’s kryptonite, Tony Allen, who is arguably the league’s bets perimeter defender.
The Memphis Grizzlies may be an underrate team, but they recently gave the NBA Champions Miami Heat a run for their money in a 104-86 victory. So, the Boston Celtics better not take the Memphis Grizzlies lightly.
Indiana Pacers
The Indiana Pacers may not be considered championship material but they’ve proven a strong opposing force against the Boston Celtics.
The Indiana Pacers have a lot of depth at frontcourt and the Boston Celtics have faced issues against bigger teams since the Kendrick Perkins trade.
Indiana Pacers have Roy Hibbert, Tyler Hansbrough, David West and Ian Mahinmi maintaining the rhythm at front court which has always been a solid offense against Boston Celtics’ big men and even Kevin Garnett.
Additionally, at 7-foot-2, Roy Hibbert packs a lot of size which will probably force Boston Celtics coach Rivers to deploy reserves Jason Collins and Darko Milicic. Both Boston Celtics players are good post defenders and should be able to assist Kevin Garnett in stretching the court.
Oklahoma City Thunder
Even without James Harden, the Oklahoma City Thunders area a legitimate threat to the Boston Celtics, plus Kevin Martin has a lot of energy and it wasn’t long ago when he was taken in the mix with the league’s most productive scorers.
 And like many of the Boston Celtics’ other challenging rivals, the Oklahoma City Thunder pack a lot of size on the frontcourt. Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins form potentially the best defensive frontcourt in the game and Nick Collison plays solid center game coming off the bench.
Additionally, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s star players Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are explosive on court and account for a chunk of the team’s production.
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