Top 5 players in NBA history to build a team around for one season

If You Could Build a Team Around Any Player in NBA HIstory Who Would it Be?

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The New Orleans Hornets just hit the jackpot with Anthony Davis, who is expected to be a franchise changing player, during this year’s NBA draft. And while nothing is ever a lock, Davis feels like a ‘can’t miss’ prospect. The idea of building a team around a superstar player got me wondering; who would be the best player in NBA history to build a team around? So let’s take a minute and count down the Top 5 players in NBA history to build a team around.
Here are the stipulations: we can choose any player in NBA history, but we must choose a specific version of that player i.e. 92’ Jordan or 96’ Jordan. We are also only building a team for one season, so age or future injuries will not come into play.

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Would Wilt have been able to dominate today's NBA the way he did in the 60's? 

No. 5:
62’ Wilt: 50.4 PPG, 25.7 RBPG, 2.4 ASTPG, 31.8 PER
I am not sure that Wilt’s numbers from 1962 would translate into today’s NBA game, but the man was 7-1 and weighed 275 lbs. Many of the people that had the chance to watch him play say that he was the most gifted athlete they had ever seen. I doubt Wilt could average 50 on today’s NBA centers, but I completely believe that he would be a dominate force if he played in today’s game.
It’s always difficult to compare players from different generations, but gifted athletes have a drive and determination that set them apart- Wilt would have succeeded in any generation.
62’ was Wilt’s best statistical year and even though he wasn’t known as a great teammate, building a team around him for one year would give you a great chance to win.

Blog Photo - Top 5 players in NBA history to build a team around for one season
1985 Magic was ready to redeem himself after a poor performance in the finals the previous year

No. 4:
85’ Magic: 18.3 PPG, 6.2 RBPG, 12.6 ASTPG, 1.5 STLPG, 23.2 PER
This might not be the best version of Magic that ever played, but the 85’ Earvin Johnson might have been the hungriest and most competitive version. In 85’ the Lakers had just come off back to back Finals losses to the 76ers and Celtics.
Magic spent most of the summer after the 84’ finals being labeled as a choker, and the main reason why the Lakers had lost to the Celtics. There were a few moments during the ends of games in that finals where Magic made a few uncharacteristic mistakes: he let the time run out without getting up a shot during Game 2, and then he threw a lazy pass that was stolen during the final seconds of a tied game, and missed two free throws at the end of another game.

Magic came into the 85’ season starving to redeem him self. Building a team around an 85’ Johnson would be a no brainer, he’d probably win a title with any eight half decent players on the team.
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