Top Chicago Bulls training camp stories

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Although there is a certain dullness to the Chicago Bulls early season expectations due to their key offensive player Derrick Rose being injured, there’s still plenty happening in the preseason.
The completely restructured Bench Mob and Nazr Mohammed’s impact on the game are just few of the exciting factors on the surface of the Chicago Bull’s upcoming season. And if we dig deeper, there are plenty f other news worthy items that will keep those juices flowing till during the preseason.
Here are some notes out of the Chicago Bulls’ ongoing preseason.
Joakim Noah’s ankle issue
Heading into the 2012 season, there’s been a lot of concern surrounding Joakim Noah’s health after he sustained an ankle injury in the postseason. However, Joakim Noah’s been claiming he’s fine and his average of 9 points per game proves that things are on the right track.
Still, a report by ESPN Chicago’s Jesse Rogers created quite a stir after Joakim Noah’s statement was misunderstood or taken out of context.
Joakim Noah established in a few words at the start that his “ankle is really good,” no matter what spin-off you put on the latter remarks about rehabbing throughout the offseason to get to a “100 percent” that fact remains that he’s cutting into shape for the season.
Then there was another statement by Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson.
“Noah said his ankle didn't feel 100 percent until a month ago: ‘Ankle rehab is something I think I will have to do the rest of my career,’” wrote K.C. Johnson.
Again, Jaokim Noah is discussing his post rehab form and the logical need to maintain that form through preemptive rehab. There’s no need to read-in between words either.
Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler are King of the Bench
Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler are stars on the bench and that is not a good thing for two reasons. Chicago Bulls’ bench is absolutely abysmal without them and the Chicago Bulls are too much dependant on this pair.
The defense needs them and they are helpful in the attack as well. Well, Chicago Bulls defensive system is all about knowing and understanding the rotations, which is another root for all what’s not right.
For instance, Brian Scalabrine is talented, but why were two good years of his life wasted on the bench when he could have been training for the first team. The White Mamba understands rotation and is good with defense.
Jimmy Butler is an idol for the bench players. He has been absolutely fantastic for the defense and in just over a year, Jimmy Butler has learned all there is to know about the rotation system.
The Bench has humongous scoring issues, especially from the field
It doesn’t take an NBA analyst to point out that the Chicago Bulls’ offensive bunch off the bench are useless. The whole bunch of them really needs to improve. The entire bench produced only 10 assists in three games. In the last game the whole bench came up with a single assist.
There are no excuses here. No way to sugar-coat this. This isn’t about lack of ball movement. This isn’t about the absence of talent. It’s just downright poor game play.
Here is another fact. The bench doesn’t know how to shoot. Just take out Gibson and Mohammad from the court and bench can account for only 18 of the 86 shots from the field. Well, that’s a field-goal percentage of .209!
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