Top Five Things the Sports Word Should Be Thankful

Thanksgiving: Five Sports Things I am Thankful For

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The sports year moves by faster and faster, it seems. Whole sports seasons come and go faster than we can process them— some times, following a team over the course of a season can feel more like a chore than past time. So on this Thanksgiving Day, let’s take a moment and appreciate the little things and count down five best things the sports world should be thankful for.

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Smoking Jay Cutler— If you have not been to this website, you are severely missing out. The site is collection of photo shopped pictures of Jay Cutler smoking cigarettes--and it’s hilarious. We’ve all seen Cutler on the sideline or in a press conference with a surly look on his face, acting like he does not want to be there. Well, it was an inspiring act to photo shop a cigarette in his mouth, and for that the sports world is forever grateful.

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James Harden, Johny Hendricks and Brian Wilson are leading the sports beard revolution.

Sports Beards—Beards are a fantastic gift from the heavens that was probably brought down from Mount Olympus by Zeus, himself. The scruffy beard trend is starting to grow, and there is probably one guy in every major sport with a crazy-over-the-top beard growing on his chin. The NBA has James Harden, MLB has Brian Wilson, the NFL has Brett Keisel (the guy from the Steelers that looks like a Viking) and Hockey has, well, everyone—its cold playing on ice.

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Andrew Bynum went from looking like Dr. J to Justin Bieber in a few days time.

Andrew Bynum Hair—Andrew Bynum’s hair has been one of my favorite stories this NBA season. Sure, you could follow the Lakers drama all you want, but for my money, Andrew Bynum’s hair is where the entertainment is at. During the off season Bynum started to grow what liked like it would be an afro, which, at the time, seemed like a great idea because he was traded to Philly, and what better way to win over their fans by walking into training camp with a throw back Dr. J Afro? The only problem is, that over the last few months, Bynum’s hair has begun to resemble Justin Bieber’s hair much more than Dr. J’s.

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Chris Paul: one of the most notorious floppers in the NBA.

Flopping—The NBA has finally started cracking down on flopping. The other day Brooklyn Nets forward Reggie Evans was fined $5,000 for flopping in a game against the Lakers. Sure, this rule might help clean up the game a little, but watching a player flop in slow motion when he was obviously not touched by anyone is one of the greatest joys in the sports world.

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Twitter: The social media outlet has gotten more athletes in trouble than we can bother to mention. It seems like almost every week an athlete is tweeting something he shouldn’t be. A few weeks ago it was Michael Vicks brother, a few weeks before that it was Lo Lo Jones, and before that is was Hope Solo and Rashard Mendenhall, and the list goes on. I am just waiting for the eventual Twitter/Tebow scandal that’s bound to happen sooner or later.
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