Top Five questions that will shape the 2012-2013 NBA season

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Can you feel that tingling feeling traveling all the way from head to toe with the start of a new NBA season.  Now that we’ve got just the taste of each NBA team’s capabilities during the preseason, expect bite-fulls more of the same action or even a better performance to follow.
But it’s still almost irresistible not to ignore the decisive factors of this season. I know I can’t hold back for any longer. So without further ado lets jump on that train of thought and take a look at the top five factors shaping the NBA season.
Will the Los Angeles Lakers pull through?

On paper, the Los Angeles Lakers seem the most deep, well rounded team. The Los Angeles Lakers have added the league’s top starters at their positions such as Dwight Howard, Steve Nash. And they already had Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace. That’s 33 All-Star’s combined just in the starting lineup. But how prepared are the Los Angeles Lakers? The team’s been plagued with injuries – which means less time for chemistry building. How’s Steve Nash pick-and-roll working with the Los Angeles Lakers’ big men? And what about his combination with Kobe Bryant?
How does Los Angeles Lakers Mike Brown see Pau Gasol staying involved and what will be Kobe Bryant’s edge to gain that above 20 shots per game target?
Where are the other NBA All-Stars now?

What will be the impact of Andrew Bynum’s trade to Philadelphia 76ers and the other hotly sought after All-Star Andre Iguodala who made it to Denver.
The Denver Nuggets played a smart move by roping in a player who ranks top four in the West and  posts solid performances both side of the court. Meanwhile Andrew Bynum’s addition to the Philadelphia 76ers lands them the top center in the East. Andrew Bynum’s the new face of the Philadelphia 76ers but it remains to be seen how he will influence and help the young backcourt featuring Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday.
Are the Heat Miami unbeatable?

Guard Dwyane Wade doesn’t think so…and we agree, in the sense that playoffs won’t be an easy challenge this season. The Miami Heat might have their first championship and the daunting task of following that with increased fan base expectations. But they have the NBA’s most overall athletic player LeBron James. The Miami Heat also have Ray Allen who is remarkably accurate from arc in rotation with Rashard Lewis…So have they got this?
When will Derrick Rose return to full form?

The Chicago Bulls’ season will be doomed like last season if they’re missing Derrick Rose with a torn ACL.
However, Derrick Rose could return by the All-Star break. Although that’s a very optimistic perspective of the situation and corresponding schedule for Derrick Rose.
More realistically speaking, Derrick Rose could be out for the whole season and even if he returns yo might not expect him to be in a 100 form.
The battle for New York?

The Brooklyn Nets made a big splash with their relocation this season but will they extend their territory into New York.
Brooklyn Nets  owner Mikhail Prokhorov is committed more than ever before to get that promised championship by 2015, but the New York Knicks aren’t just going to silently step back. The New York Knicks roster became deeper by signing Marcus Camby, Jason Kidd, Raymond Felton and Ronnie Brewer. This could be an interesting season for the New Yorkers. 
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