Top Ten Things to Be Excited About if the Miami Heat Win the NBA Championship

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Dec. 12, 2011; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (left) shooting guard Dwyane Wade (center) and power forward Chris Bosh (right) pose for a photographer during media day at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Heat are up 3-1 in the NBA Finals. It pains me to even write that, yet I try to be a glass half-full kind of girl. Trying to find the upside to the Miami Heat taking this thing from the young guns in Oklahoma City. As a Bulls fan, all I wanted to see was the Miami Heat going down in a giant ball of flames in this series. But, as it is not going to be, lets discuss the Top Ten good things that can come from the Miami Heat winning it all.

10. They will finally shut up!
Ever since LeBron "took his talents to South Beach" with Wade and Bosh in the music video or whatever it was, all they can ever talk about is how many championships they are going to win. OK, so now, you will have done it-Sut Up! Everyone outside of Miami was sick of it before, really done now. Stop talking!

Jun 12, 2012; Oklahoma City, OK, USA;  Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra talks to the media during the post game press conference after game one in the 2012 NBA Finals at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Thunder beat the Heat 105-94. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-US PRESSWIRE
9. Don't have to look at Spoelstra for awhile.
I'm not sure what about him bothers me, but I am not a fan of Spoelstra either. Ever since he said his team was crying in the locker room, I can't take him seriously.  If they win, no need to see his face for awhile.
June 9, 2012; Miami, FL, USA;  Miami Heat small forward LeBron James during the post game press conference after game seven of the 2012 NBA Eastern Conference finals at the American Airlines Arena. The Heat defeated the Boston Celtics 101-88.  Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
8. No more fake glasses.
After Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat lose the game and put on their "fake" glasses for the post game interview. The media ripped them the next day for primping themselves after the loss. Haven't seen the glasses since. I'm OK not ever seeing them again. Don't get that fashion statement at all.
March 6, 2012; Miami, FL, USA;  Miami Heat power forward Juwan Howard (5) in a game against the New Jersey Nets in the fourth quarter at the American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE
7. Juwan Howard will get a ring.
Now as a member of the Fab Five at the University of Michigan and a member of the Miami Heat-why on Earth would I root for Juwan Howard? 'Cause he's 39 years old, playing in his second NBA Finals. Howard has not played one minute of the playoffs, but I would love to see a guy who has been around the NBA for so long, taken such good care of his body to get his due. Even if he is a Michigan Wolverine. He is also a Chicago guy, so how can you not root for him?
June 16, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat Miami Heat center Eddy Curry (center) laughs during practice before game three of the 2012 NBA finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
6. Eddy Curry will get a ring.
This seems wrong for so many reasons. No way in the world Eddy Curry should be getting a ring before Derrick Rose. In any universe. But, Curry has had a long, winding, in some cases tragic past. It looks as if he has worked hard to make it back to the NBA, losing weight, training. Or it could have been because he was broke. But regardless, this should be one of the good stories out of this NBA Finals.

5. Eastern Conference Looks Good.
Throughout the playoffs, the Eastern Conference has looked strong and extremely competitive. While many of the Western series were blowouts, the Eastern series conference games were all strongly played and were competitive. If Miami wins it all, it will just make the Eastern conference even more competitive for next season.
Jun 19, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant (35) shoots a three point shot against Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh (1) during the fourth quarter in game four in the 2012 NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena. Miami won 104-98. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE
4. Good experience for Thunder.
Durant and Westbrook have played well, yet have continued to make mistakes in this series. Whether it has been foul trouble, or not knowing where they were in terms of fouls, the clock or timeouts, the young guns of OKC have made some critical mistakes. The good news is they are young and will learn. Durant and Westbrook have fire in their eyes and are taking this all in. I would not expect this to be their last run for a title. The experience will only serve them well in the future and make them hungry for more.

3. Winning could make the Heat relax next season.
With a Championship under their belts, the Heat could very well relax. Maybe not work as hard in the off-season, enjoy their win, and become a bit less hungry for another win. That could work out quite well.

2. With the NBA Season over, summer is really here.
THis has been by far the craziest NBA season ever. Between the condensed season, incredible amount of back-to-back games, it has been nonstop basketball for months. As a big fan, that has been great, but I am ready for a break. With the season over, summer will really officially begin. I know I am reaching here, but how many good things could possibly come from a Miami Heat Championship?

May 8, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA;  Chicago Bulls center Omer Asik (3) and power forward Carlos Boozer (5) battle for a rebound during the first half of game five in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals of the 2012 NBA Playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers at the United Center.  The Bulls won 77-69. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE
1. Bulls Turn
If the NBA season is to end with a Heat win tomorrow night, that can only mean one thing-the Chicago Bulls will be back practicing in a few short months. And then it will be the Bulls turn, DRose's turn and that is something to get exciited about.
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Great list! Let me be the first to send my condolences about the Bulls... The way Miami played in the ECF would not have been good enough to get them past a heathy Bulls team... If Rose doesn't get injured that might have been Chicago'a title