Top five reasons college football fans hate Notre Dame

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Notre Dame has always earned the spotlight and plentiful remarks from college football with a deep seeded bitterness against the Fighting Irish. But why is it that a has an old history and has featured at least 736 times in the AP poll is so widely hated. Don’t get me wrong – the rivalry from teams like Michigan, Boston College, Michigan State, USC and Stanford is good, but the general college football fanbase just seems to have enough with having to see their name on the top 10 ranking. So where does this irrational hatred originate from?
  • Jump on AP poll steals
At least during 70 recorded instances top ranking team in the AP poll, which won its game, has been jumped by a second-ranking team, and in 10 of those instances Notre Dame has been the underdog. However, Notre Dame has claimed that achievement by overcoming unranked teams70 percent of the time.
  • Notre Dame fan base arrogance
The Notre Dame fan’s typical holier-than-thou attitude claws at others who don’t see two of the loudest teams LSU and Alabama singing such praises of their team and how it has completely restructured the college football landscape. Surely, good football will raise the standards of the game but let’s just stick to the football field for once. The “BCS Exemption” is sure to raise issues with more than a few.
  • Independent platform
It eats at other college football fans that Notre Dame, which has a big financial blueprint in the sector gets to pick whether or not it should join a conference while still claiming its football independence. It kind of sets out as unfair to the school’s other sports program with the easily misunderstood message that football players require special treatment without academic restrictions while there are other legitimate receivers of that treatment such as the women’s basketball team, who are true contenders for the national championship.
  • Green with envy
We wish that were the case since it would explain all the culminating hatred for the Fighting Irish but alas Notre Dame itself is at the root of this one too. Even after being handed loss after loss at the postseason, Notre dame still believes it’s better than the rest. Maybe the team hasn’t claimed any major bowl titles in the past decade. Maybe it should start there.
  • Too much money to blow
Notre Dame has an exclusive contract with NBC and doesn’t need to distribute those funds among other partners. While it can manage the top-level facilities with that revenue and can hire almost anyone for tutoring, Notre Dame has failed to pay serious head to the academic qualification according to its own standards. Others teams have to share their bowl money with the rest of the members of the conference.
  • Return to Glory
Notre Dame has only made it once to’s list of top 10 winningest teams since 1950. The fighting Irish ranked at No.8 in 1970. Surely that can’t be the “return to glory” the Notre Dame fans boast about.
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