Top picks from NBA general managersí poll

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The results of’s annual GM poll were released on Monday and in no big surprise, forward LeBron James’ name kept popping atop several categories, while the 30 NBA general managers also declared the Miami Heat most likely to win the 2013 NBA championship for the second straight time.
The general managers of the 30 NBA teams were forbidden from voting for their own teams or players during the poll.
Here are some of the top picks from the predictions and judgments coming from those who make the calls for these multi-million dollar franchises and are responsible for the management of high-profile team assets.
  • This season is Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love’s time to shine. The NBA general managers voted Kevin Love the league’s best power forward. However, Kevin Love won in a close race as compared to point guard Chris Paul, center Dwight Howard, shooting guard Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who are still considered the best at their positions.
Kevin Love brought won 30 percent of the votes with Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki bringing in 23.3 percent of the votes for a second position and LeBron James landing the third spot for 16.7 percent votes.

However, LeBron James won by a landslide in the bets NBA small forward category, leading his competition with 73.3 percent votes (with Oklahoma City Thunders’ Kevin Durant nabbing the second place).

The former 5th overall pick of the 2008 drafts, Kevin Love was also voted the league’s best offensive rebounder over Denver Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried, Sacramento Bee’s DeMarcus Cousins and Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard.
The general managers also thought Kevin Love deserving for the top NBA player who isable to effectively gain the most of his limited natural abilities. Miami Heat forward Shane Battier and Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol ran in second and third respectively in this contest.
  • Brooklyn Nets topped as the most improved team, while the Minnesota Timberwolves ended in a tie with the Los Angeles Lakers for the second spot following three votes from the general managers.
  • Two general manager votes cast small forward Andrei Kirilenko with 16.7 percent votes to top as the most underrated player after the Denver Nuggets traded for him by shipping Andre Iguodala to Denver Nuggets.
  • While Dirk Nowitzki won the best international player contest with a landslide, followed by Pau Gasol with just 10.3 percent votes, Andrei Kirilenko also got a vote into the category.
  • Miami Heat are slated to win the NBA championship again with 70 percent votes, while Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City won just 23.3 percent and 6.7 percent general managers votes.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers were voted for the bets offseason move by locking in Dwight Howard.
  • LeBron James topped three categories: most likely to win MVP, the player with whom general managers would start a franchise and the player who forces rival coaches to make the most alterations in their schemes.
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