Top three NBA players with projected sophomore breakout seasons

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First-impression is the last impression.
Well that proverb also stands in NBA where the rookie season sets the tone for a successful Pro career. And while the third-year is also given due importance owing to the exponential progress being expected of rising stars, many forget what lines in between and defines  the crucial level of confidence required to move up the ladder.
The sophomore year serves as the period when the rising young talent gets to execute and accordingly improve the key lessons obtained in the rookie campaign. It is the backbone to build on the rookie campaign and finally breakout of that cocoon into the experienced world based on nothing more than talent, and self-determination.
Although any major high-end performances can’t be expected this season due to the limits of the rookie class of 2011, we still have our three top picks for potential players with breakout sophomore campaigns ahead of them in the 2012-2013 season.
  • Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors
There’s no doubt that the Golden State Warriors’ roster looks better than last season. And while the Golden State Warriors will be heavily relying on David Lee, Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut to carry the burden, it is players like Klay Thompson who can potentially rally the team to the postseason. However, it also comes around to Klay Thompson’s ability in his sophomore year to replicate the same efficiency and figures as the last few months of his rookie campaign.
Klay Thompson’s versatile skill set will serve the Golden Warriors tremendously in case of injuries, while his playmaking skills on the offense will saved the team’s skin last season when they were missing a key player.
  • Kenneth Faried, Denver Nuggets
While Kenneth Faried is already a rising star amongst the NBA rookies, his impact still remains coming off the reserve. However, if he were to implement a little more effort as well as develop defensive and creative ball handling skills along the way, we could see Kenneth Faried making more impact on the Denver Nuggets’ half-court offense.
Denver Nuggets are already struggling to find a playmaker and if Kenneth Faried pulls back at this crucial time, the Denver Nuggets, who already lack some sort of charismatic player will lose the battle on the half-courts. But if he implements himself, Kenneth Faried could always sep into some small forward role to ensure the continuity of game for Denver Nuggets.
  • Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs
Were not the only one’s who’ve got eyes on this NBA player in his sophomore year. San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popvich expects Kawhi Leonard o fit into a versatile role and his positve feedback on the player’s playmaking skills stand for themselves. While Kawhi Leonard has dominantly played perimeter defense, his sophomore year could offer more offensive plays that go beyond hitting the offense-boards and moving the ball up.
However, with Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili  and Tim Duncan already in tehthelineup, Greg Popvich could ease Kawhi Leonard into developing his playmaker skills during the sophomore year.
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