Top three trades that should go in by NFL trade deadline

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Traditionally, there isn’t much activity around the NFL trade deadline. While lots of big names have surfaced in trade rumors, such as St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson, Tennessee Titans TE Jared Cook, Carolina Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams, Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe, Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB LeGarrette Blount and Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy, there are only a few that teams should ship-off by the deadline to benefit both sides.
When we look at it closely, it’s quite simple who really needs to be traded by their teams.
Dwayne Bowe
Over two weeks ago, Yahoo! Sports reported that Dwayne Bowe wants to part ways with the Kansas City Chiefs. But since, hasn’t been much news on the issue.
The Kansas City Chiefs 1-6 have one of the worst quarterback situations in the league. Moreover, the Kansas City Chiefs were humiliatingly overpowered on their homefield against the Oakland Raiders in Week 8.
Change is desirable at such instances and the Kansas City Chiefs should trade in Dwayne Bowe for a draft pick before the receiver has the upper hand during the offseason.
Potential teams that can be traded for Dwayne Bowe by the deadline include, the Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Rams.
DeAngelo Williams
Right back DeAngelo Williams has been outshined by more productive talent in the Carolina Panthers’ backfield such as Jonathan Stewart so it makes no sense to keep him on $4.75 million basic salary this season.
The Carolina Panther could breach an $8.2 million the following season due to DeAngelo Williams’ contract extension in July 2011.
However, the Carolina Panthers could avoid another season of disappointment from DeAngelo Williams and continue focusing on build the roster around Cam Newton by saving-up on that cap space.
The Charlotte Observer recently noted that a team source revealed that at least one playoff-contending team” contacted the Carolina Panthers about negotiating a trade for DeAngelo Williams, even if the execution of that plan seems unlikely.
And stated that the "the Panthers would likely also love to shed Williams' contract.”
The Carolina Panthers could certainly do better by trading their backup runner somewhere else.
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