Topless Midget Wrestling in Illinois!

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If there is a title that could get my attention, it's topless midget wrestling. After seeing the story in my local newspaper (Peoria Journal Star) I had to find out more and the details. This is not a story that should only be shared in the heart of Illinois, but worldwide. Here are the details of what happened.

Outskirts Bar and Grille in Canton Illinois hosted a "midget wrestling event". As if that weren't enough to grab attention and to bring in business, the event was also topless female midgets. How could an event get more exciting than this? Was it a ladder match? Or a hardcore match in which the participants can use chairs, chains, garbage cans, and practically anything to bash your opponent? This event didn't belong in a bar; it belonged on worldwide pay per view television. Why was I not notified of this event? They must have not advertised the event on the radio, highway billboards, etc. but it is getting some attention now. The city liquor commission voted and passed a 60 day ban of the Outskirts Bar and Grille liquor License. Two whole months of no alcohol at a bar could prove to be fatal for the business.

The wrestling event was part of the Micro Wrestling Federation. That's right, there is a Micro Wrestling Federation, which seems wrong on many levels. Owner Kim Scott claims that she was outside smoking while two oiled up midget women were wrestling. Apparently the women were not "scheduled" to be wrestling topless. When Scott entered the building and witnessed this spectacular spectacle (sorry couldn't help myself) she put an end to the madness by stopping the bout. City liquor licenses of the city do not permit nudity, and therefore were subject to suspension.
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