Topps Erases Pete Rose From All-Time Hits List

2/13/13 in MLB   |   anthonybloch   |   0 respect

Topps made the dramatic decision to erase Pete Rose from its all-time hits list. Their decision doesn't make a difference to the real record. Major League Baseball still shows Rose holding that record as does most credible baseball sources.

I'm not saying that Topps isn't credible but they're just trying to get some publicity. It's a money making decision and not a credible baseball decision. That does make me have less respect for Topps. I'm not big into company's creating clown acts and shenanigans. That's what I think they're doing here.

Topps isn't a comedic act is it? Isn't it supposed to be a legitimate baseball card company? You would think so but creating a ridiculous story out of nothing makes them look like clowns.

Sure, Pete Rose made some big mistakes and he's paying for it by having been banished by baseball and the Hall of Fame. Isn't that enough?

The next time I want to buy a baseball card it won't be a Topps one. Thankfully I have many other card companies to choose from.

Actually I think that it's time that Rose is allowed into the Hall of Fame. He had a great career. While he did break baseball's cardinal rule I'm sure that there are people in there that did horrible things and immoral things. Why single out Pete Rose?

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