Topps Pretty Much Predicted The Steroid Era In 1992

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For baseball card collectors, there's something pretty relevant about the 1992 Topps Kids card set. The set contained 132 players who were featured amidst the artwork of a cartoonist. It was basically MLB meets Toon Town.

But one interesting thing done to some of the players that were featured in the set was Topps took the head of the player and had the cartoonist add a freakishly huge body to him.

Naturally, Topps nailed some guys who have found themselves in serious steroid trouble - or have at least been accused of having used. Let's look at the ones we could find.

Barry Bonds

That's a cartoon? Looks pretty much like he does now, minus the mustache and uniform, of course.

Rafael Palmeiro

Make all the Viagra and "I never used steroids!" jokes you want.

Roger Clemens

Naturally the star of the Clemens debacle - his ass - is prominently featured in this card.

Julio Franco

Considering he played baseball until he was 85, and has sewer pipes for arms, only seems appropriate that he'd be a potential steroid cheat.

Chili Davis

Well, he once held a woman down on the floor of a shower and kept her there for seven hours, sometimes with a foot on her neck. Sounds like steroids to me.

Danny Tartabull

Sure, why not.

Guys like Ken Caminiti (who we couldn't find) and Mark McGwire were also featured. Although McGwire's card is a bit of a disappointment.

Topps wasn't totally perfect with this set though. After all, they made this card of Ozzie Smith.

My guess is if Ozzie had looked like that he would have hit more balls out of the infield, to say the least.
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That is interesting. I remember my son collecting baseball cards during that time period but some how I don't remember those cards. Do you think they had insider who actually knew what was going on? Thanks for sharing.

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What, no Griffey?