Torii Hunter says he'd vote for Adrian Beltre for MVP over Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera

Torii Hunter shows exactly why players don't get MVP votes

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Blog Photo - Torii Hunter says he'd vote for Adrian Beltre for MVP over Mike Trout or Miguel CabreraTorii Hunter might be a little less popular in the Angels clubhouse after being one of the few who actually ISN'T endorsing Mike Trout for AL MVP.

Surprisingly, he's not campaigning for Miguel Cabrera, either, despite the fact that most people believe the MVP race has pretty much come down to Trout vs Cabrera.

Hunter says that his choice would be Adrian Beltre, whose Texas Rangers are tied with the Yankees for the best record in the AL.

Beltre is certainly having an excellent season, but Hunter's justification is maddeningly misguided.

"Why did Michael Jordan win all those MVPs? Because his team won."

For starters, that's not why Jordan won all those MVPs. He also won those MVPs because he was by far the best player in the game. His team's success wasn't the reason he won MVP. He won MVP because he was truly more valuable than anyone else who stepped on the court. The MVP awards AND his team's success were both a byproduct of that.

Unfortunately, winning baseball games takes far more of a team effort than basketball. Michael Jordan, in his prime, could have taken the court with 4 scrubs and won a bunch of games. That doesn't apply to anyone in baseball, simply because there are so many guys who have to contribute to win a baseball game.

Yes, Beltre has been excellent. But no, he is not "more valuable" than either Trout or Cabrera. Sorry, Torii.

The best analogy I can think of is 2 piles of money. One has a bunch of $5 bills, and one $100 bill. The other pile has a bunch of $20 bills and one $50 bill. The 2nd pile might be worth far more. But that doesn't mean the $50 bill is more valuable than the $100.

The Rangers have been more successful than the Angels and Tigers. That's true. But it's not solely because of Adrian Beltre. It also has a lot to do with Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli, David Murphy, and a damn good pitching staff.

Cabrera and Trout have both been more valuable than Beltre, and there's really no doubt about it.

For the record: I'm firmly in the "Trout for MVP" camp. But if Cabrera wins it, I'll be fine. He's having a hell of a season, and it looks like he'll win the Triple Crown. If he wins, some people will act like it's some sort of grand larceny. Fact: It's not.
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I am shocked at how much attention trout is getting.  Usually most fans and media want the veteran to get the award and base this reasoning on the fact that the young guy has so many more years to produce that he will eventually win more MVP's anyway.  I believe that the Triple Crown if he wins it, gives Cabrera the trophy hands down.