Toronto Maple Leafs contemplating trading off Dave Bolland

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsToronto Maple Leafs center Dave Bolland is about to return from his injury after recovering sufficiently but that does not mean that the franchise will be looking to keep him for long. The Leafs are getting tired of dealing with Bollands demands from the franchise. They are starting to become a hindrance in their relationship and now the franchise might be looking at the option to trade him off.
In his new contract, Bolland is looking for a contract that will span over 7 or eight years with $5 million evey season. That will not settle well with Dave Nonis and the franchise. Before the Achilles injury struck, Bolland was a very valuable asset for the franchise, handling the center role with solid performance. Coming off an injury, there is no sure way of knowing if he will come back the same or changed. He contributed well to the team before his injury but it seems the franchise will not be willing to wager on his and his expensive contract demands. Instead, they might take the easy way out and trade him off.
Then there is another crisis that the Leafs are facing and before making any decision on the situation, Nonis will definitely give close attention to it. The Leafs do not have many players who are as solid as Bolland played the center. This means that they have a player who has been covering well for them in the middle and now his contract demands have gone high and they will have to make a decision on that matter.
So the question arises whether the Leafs franchise considers Bolland to be a worthy risk of investment that will pay off in the future and continue to keep their center strong or will they trade him off to some other team.
Chances are high that they might be looking to trade him off because they have managed to hold their own with him gone and in his absence they have managed to overcome the void of him not being there. But they will definitely evaluate Bolland after he has played. It would seem that a certain decision on that matter will only be stated when the Leafs have seen if Bolland still packs the same game he packed before the injury. 
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