Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Paul Ranger labels his return success

4/2/14 in NHL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

When talking about his comeback, Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Paul Ranger said that it did work out well but the fight was not over and he still had a long way to go.
Ranger said that he still had a whole lot of potential to improve on his game, to be a more capable player and hone his talent. Ranger is also a strong nominee for the Bill Masterton Trophy that the Leafs award to player who has shown excellent conduct, merit and sportsman conduct. After coming such a long path in which he had to overcome hurdles and has managed not to be weakened by them but emerge stronger and more capable, Ranger said he was happy with how he was handling things and his gameplay.
Ranger added that he would call his run a success so far, to reach the most elite level in NHL and looking back at the whole thing he was content with how they turned out.
“Overall, I’d say it’s a success to be able to come back to the big team here and get to this level,” Ranger said. “You look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘You did it.’”
4 years ago Ranger quit NHL owing to personal reasons and came back to the NHL to give it all one more shot and so far has been going solid.
“This is the right thing for me to do. This is the thing for me to do, to grow and to overcome all the challenges I’ve had in my life,” Ranger said. “This is it. And it’s going to help me until I reach 150 and I’m riding my Sea-Doo around somewhere and I’m smiling and saying, ‘I did it.’ ”
Until the season has been a success for him and he has been in and out of the lineup. He has sat out a total of 21 games while physically fit but had to sit out 5 owing to a recent neck injury. When asked whether he would come back to the form of 2009-10, which were his peak years, he said that he was working on that.
“Am I getting closer? Yes. Am I there? No. I know what I have to give and I know the potential that’s there.I’ll keep that to myself,” Ranger said. “But it’s growing. It’s growing every game, every day, every month. And I don’t expect it to stop growing.”
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