Toronto Maple Leafs win over Rangers in overtime with help of score from Bozak

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsSometimes the good news isn’t followed by more good news. Martin St. Louis managed to get it his way after he was traded on Wednesday to the New York Rangers. Wednesday was the last day for the NHL deadline as the teams scrambled to sign players and both franchise and players came to last minute deals and compromised onto contracts.
The Rangers didn’t hold back Louis so that he may warm up and get used to things but let him get on the ice as soon as he was ready to, which was right away. But his first win with the Rangers will have to wait as they did not win the match against Toronto Maple Leafs at Broadway.
Louis said that they managed to make a pretty decent comeback as the match ended 3-2 but they did not get to score another point, but even so he was happy to have had his first match with the team and got to know them on the ice.
"Tonight was a gutsy comeback," Louis said. "Unfortunately we didn't get the extra point, but I was happy to come here and just break the ice."
Henrik Lundqvist did not take the loss well and was still in the darkness of loss as he went to the dressing room after the match.
"Every point is important right now. It's annoying the way it ends," he said. "We played really well and worked ourselves back into this game. It's a big frustration right now to not come out of it with two points."
Bozak added that they would have to do better in power play next time.
"That was tough," Bozak said. "Just have to play well on the power play. We played well for the most part. Made better decisions, just got lackadaisical for a bit."
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