Torres happy to see Atletico Madrid progress in Spain and Europe

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Blog Photo - Torres happy to see Atletico Madrid progress in Spain and Europe
Chelsea striker Fernando Torres is exuberant to see Atletico Madrid progress since the time he used to be the captain of the club. The Spain international claims he is delighted to see that his former club has grown out of its struggling stage and that his former teammate Diego Simeone is leading the club into a positive direction as manager of the club.
Torres became the captain of Atletico Madrid when he was only 19 years old. After joining the youth academy at the age of 11 and progressing through the ranks, Torres entered the first-team life at a very young age.
Due to charismatic aura, dominating presence on the pitch and impressive skills, Torres quickly became the new leader of the club. Torres was considered to be a young hero at the club, as he helped the club fight in the Segunda Division for two years before seeing it enter La Liga.
Torres claims he still sees Atletico Madrid play whenever he has the opportunity and is impressed and happy to see that the Spanish club is now top in the La Liga standings and is oing well in the Champions League as well.
“I watch all the games I can, of course,” Torres said. “And after so many years of suffering… we suffer the same now, but we come out satisfied. It is a big difference. We used to go down Melancolicos [street] with our heads down and now we have our heads up.
“There have been lots of years of work, of fighting, to change things. After the judicial intervention everything was an uphill battle, we are talking about a time dedicated to survival… that was achieved and the present is magnificent.”
Reminiscing about his days at Atletico Madrid, Torres said that he remembered how odd he felt when he became the captain of the club at the age of 19, even though midfield veteran Simeone was still playing for the club. 
“Imagine!” Torres said. “Me [as] captain, and Simeone, who had played everywhere and won everything, just one of the private soldiers… ha! I was the captain, but I was the one who had to learn, they showed me what football is.”
Torres, who scored the lone goal at Galatasaray to save Chelsea from an away defeat, joined Liverpool in 2007 after making his exit from Atletico Madrid. Three and a half years later Chelsea came up with 50 million pound offer in January 2011, which Liverpool agreed to.
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