Towel company backs Chargers, cheating scandal “blown out of proportion”

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Despite what the NFL and sideline officials may think, an Idaho-based towel company believes that the San Diego Chargers are innocent in a cheating scandal in their 35-24 loss to the Denver Bronocs at the Qualcomm Stadium.
The towel company, Gorilla Gold, came to the defense of the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday when its lead representative claimed that the Chargers use its product, which is also widely popular amongst several other NFL teams.
President of Gorilla Gold, Patrick Dugan stated that since its launch, over 70 percent of the NFL teams at one stage used the company’s towel.
Gorilla Gold’s towel’s release a wax-based material upon use, with the properties of a tackifier are consistent with the element used in a glove. This primarily creates a resistance to moisture and enhances grip.
Patrick Dugan added that the tackifying elements had been tested in an NCAA lab and accordingly approved. However, the towels haven’t been designed to polish or brush-off footballs.
A sideline official cited a Chargers maintenance manager for using a hidden substance (probably Stickum or a similar adhesive) in the towel being passed around to team players, which was supposed to give them an edge with improved grip, during last week’s MNF loss. The NFL recently launched an investigation into the incident in an effort to determine if the chargers violated league policy banning the use of Stickum and substances of similar nature.
The San Diego Chargers coach Norv Turner, who claimed in a press conference yesterday that the team “didn’t use Stickum”, revealed that NFL officials dropped-by Chargers Park to gather further information and evidence, that also involved a thorough inspection of the team’s towel supplies.
"We would believe that every team," said Patrick Dugan, "at one point over the last 10 years since we introduced this product, has probably had this or does have this (towel).”
Patrick Dugan didn’t offer his estimate on the number of NFL team’s that use the towels, but he claimed several high-profile league players have depended on the product over the years.
“I can say that I'm aware of several elite quarterbacks that over the past decade have been very dedicated to the use of this product,” stated Patrick Dugan.
In fact, Patrick Dugan found it “odd” that the NFL is taking such stringent action against the San Diego Chargers with regards to the towels incident, when the product has been in use for over a decade in the league.
"It does seem blown out of proportion," expressed Patrick Dugan. "We don't understand the attitude about it considering tackified palms and gloves have been around for years and years.”
“Obviously, there are players that don't want to wear gloves,” added Patrick Dugan, “or can't wear gloves and can use that same type of feel.”
It’s a bad time to be a San Diego Chargers’ fan if the NFL’s investigation turns out to have some grounds against the cheating chargers.
However, Patrick Dugan labeled the incident as a “controversy” and expressed hope for it to be resolved quickly.
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