Trade Rumors: Offers for Jose Calderon seem to be pouring in at the Raptors office.

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Jose Calderon would make a fine addition to the ranks any competing team but it seems that the Toronto Raptors are holding off on the serious table talks right now and are only listening to possible offers right now.
On Tuesday it was reported by Ryan Wolstat from the Toronto Sun that:
Moving Calderon doesn’t make much sense at this point—he has had a fine season and is the only man on the roster capable of being a starting point guard in the NBA. He will be even more valuable in the summer with only a year left on his contract should the team acquire other options by then. Or he could stay put with a bevy of talented young potentially restricted free agent point guards hitting the market in the summer of 2013.”
The thirty yea old Spanish point guard is averaging 8.9 assists and 10.9 points per game and shooting almost 46% from the floor. Jose Calderon is also a player that is not highlighted for his defensive skills but still he is a player that knows how to break the opposing team’s defensive line and make the crucial passes in the game.
This has resulted in Jose Calderon becoming one of the most adored players in the team and if all of this was not enough then Jose Calderon is also a 38% three point shooter.
All of this only makes the interests of other teams in this point guard natural and it would be a stupid move if the Toronto Raptors could not even take out the time to at least just hear out the offers being made by the other teams.
The fact of the matter is that Ryan Wolstat is dead on right as there is no immediate reason for the Toronto Raptors to trade Jose Calderon at this point and if he keeps playing that his current then his value is only going to continue to sky rocket throughout the season.
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