Trade Rumors suggest an end to Pau Gasolís future with the Los Angeles Lakers

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Blog Photo - Trade Rumors suggest an end to Pau Gasolís future with the Los Angeles Lakers
It’s begun. The first Pau Gasol trade rumors are out. This week the 7-foot center expressed his desire to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers.
By the looks of it, Pau Gasol has started worrying about NBA trade rumors revealing Los Angeles Lakers’ secret plan of giving him away for a top notch player. That however is just a small part of the story. According to the LA Times, Pau Gasol is actually prompting the Los Angeles Lakers into moving him away.
“’s Sam Smith quoted ‘Laker insiders’ who said ‘Gasol would like to play for the Bulls,” said a report on the LA Times.
So is there reason for Pau Gasol to panic? I don’t think so.
Pau Gasol has come up with endless statements to show his unconditional love for the Lakers. On Tuesday, the former Memphis Grizzlies player reiterated his stance.
“My position is still the same,” Paul Gasol said during a visit at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. “I still would love to be a part of the Lakers and continue to be here to help the team win more championships as soon as possible. It’s out of my control and it’s out of my hands, no matter what.”
Los Angeles Lakers general manager, Mitch Kupchak offers no assurances to Pau Gasol. In an interview last week, Mitch Kupchak admitted that Pau Gasol was an asset for the Los Angeles Lakers, an asset that was also the franchise’s main trading chip.
“(...) I don’t know where that came from,” Pau Gasol said in response to Mitch Kupchak’s comments. “It’s pointless to really worry about it. I’m totally cool with it, whatever they say. The stories will appear and then disappear on something that does or doesn’t happen again. It sucks to be in that position, but it is what it is.”
Pau Gasol has tons of experience when it comes to living under uncertain situations. The Los Angeles Lakers traded the 31-year-old to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul this season, but NBA rejected the deal.
Eventually, Paul Gasol spent most of his days under a Lakers’ jersey. As the March 15 trade deadline neared, Pau Gasol once again lost himself to the idea of being traded but that didn’t happen. Now, the trade rumors for Pau Gasol are on the rise once again.
“There’s a lot of rumors,” Pau Gasol said. “Different rumors, all kinds of rumors. Once the [NBA] draft gets closer [on June 28], all kinds of stuff still again will come up.”
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