Trading Players Nepotism or Insider Trading

3/22/13 in NFL   |   bridgettangelica   |   5 respect

Should we be surprised that the Baltimore Ravens got rid of Anquan Boldin? Probably Not. But Boldin being shipped to the 49er's for only a 6th round pick? Definitely Not.  Well, not unless your last name is  Harbaugh.
One can only imagine the siblings rivalry that exists between the Haubaugh brothers.  One winning the ultimate goal of their career and the other coming up short at his hand.
Growing up there had to a competitive spirit that motivated each to do his best and often one would come up short.  Maybe one brother liked a girl and she liked his brother, but being on national television in the most intense competitions in American sports head to head aganist each other is a whole new ball game.
John the older of the two only could imagine what Mother's Day, or Easter dinner was going to be like decided to do what big brother do. Help his little brother when he could.
So John picked up the phone and laid out the plan to his brother.  I wonder what would have happened if Jim would have looked at his number and let it go to voicemail. Anyway, John explained to his brother that there was no chance of compromise before the onset of free agency.
Sounds like insider trading to me but as a result one of the most debated moves of this offseason was born. It's amusing to try to figure out how and why this trade happened, and even more shocking why the Raven's only got a sixth round pick.
Maybe John knew that his little brother's needed more depth at wide receiver, and decided this could be a peace offering. More importantly John realized that outside of future Super Bowls, the Ravens and 49ers would not be facing off anytime soon.
Regardless of why and how Boldin now to learn a new system and quarterback but at least he can walk into the locker-room and yell for Coach Harbaugh. 
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