Tragedies in NASCAR continue

Chandra Johnson, wife of Jimmie Johnson, loses her brother

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Blog Photo - Tragedies in NASCAR continueThey say bad news travels in threes, but in this case, it has moved beyond three.  NASCAR lost three last week, not drivers, or staff, but family all the same.  First it was John Roberts who lost his father, and had to suffer through a broadcast after hearing the news.  Sunday, the Waltrip brothers lost their middle brother, Bobby.
Blog Photo - Tragedies in NASCAR continue
Then Tuesday, Richard Petty lost his wife, Lynda, to her battle with cancer.
Then the news came that as Jimmie was battling on-track for the win at Martinsville, his brother-in-law, Jordan Janway, lost his life in a skydiving accident.  Chandra Johnson's brother was a sky-diving instructor and was instructing on Sunday when he collided mid-air with another diver.  It is thought that he may have lost consciousness in that collision, and unfortunately, did not have his back-up safety parachute attached.  The back-up 'chute would have saved his life, but had been removed and sent out for maintenance.  

The Johnsons asked for understanding from Jimmie's fans during this extremely difficult time.

I have to hope and pray that our time of sad news is done for a while.
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Hope so too. Been a rough couple of weeks. Thoughts go out to the family.