Tuesday Morning Benchwarmer: Best Foods to Eat While Watching Football

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThis topic needed to be addressed.  Men have been eating----devouring food since probably the creation of fire. Before then, they were eating berries and maybe even some bugs.  But each Sunday is its own mini Thanksgiving that comes with a bevy of manly football cuisines.  My question is which is the best of all pigskin delights?  

Pizza can really never let anyone down.  Especially Jets and Giants fans in the New York Metropolitan area, as long as you know of the best places, pizza can never not satisfy.  I'm sure Chicago has some great slices too, I've just never been there so I guess I'm partial to the whole New York pizza being better thing. (I've been to California and their pizza just isn't the same, just sayin') Pizza is a classic go-to that every guy can enjoy because 102% of the American population likes pizza(FACT).

Moving on we have wings, oh how delicious those wings can be.  Sauces, sauces, and more sauces!  We can probably have an entire discussion on which wing sauce is superior but that's for another day.  Wings are arguable the manliest food on the list.  Between the lack of eating utensils, the licking of the fingers, and the fighting for that final wing, these tasty delights just scream, "Eat me during football!!!!"  I personally enjoy honey barbecue sauce with blue cheese on the side, but that's just me.  Tell me what you prefer in the comments.

Burgers, fries, etc.  I love a good burger as much as the next guy but they just don't do it for me while watching my team do battle.  There's just no chance to over-eat, and I enjoy over-eating on Sundays.  I wouldn't mind some fries to pick on while eating pizza or wings but unless there are an unhealthy amount of sliders at my disposal, there's no way I am getting a burger.  Monday afternoon lunch is a different story...

And I should mention that BEER, is a necessity for football.  Possibly a given, but I just had to throw it in there for any amateurs just learning how to watch football.  Just ask any Browns fans, I bet they know a thing or two about alcohol on Sundays.
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Kudos to you both, when I'm at the game I like to eat what I can afford(ya know college) so I'll usually scour the garage for any leftovers....joking aside, garlic fries are the way to go whenever I'm at Yankee Stadium 

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Chex Mix, chips and salsa, cold pizza for breakfast during the early games (those are at 10 here on the best coast.)  If I'm at the game, either nachos or garlic fries and the Chicago style popcorn I get outside the stadium...and sunflower seeds. Home or at CLink, sunflower seeds. 

If we win: celebratory Skittles.

Dogs are for baseball.

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pizza rolls and/or nachos.

cocktails either way.