Tuesday Night Hockey Open Game Thread 3/26

Can the Rangers hold off the Flyers in Philly? [Live NHL Thread]

3/26/13 in NHL   |   Jess   |   35103 respect

Greetings, puckheads! We're treated to another full slate of hockey on a Tuesday, because - well - what better way to spruce up the otherwise most boring day of the week? Tonight we have a great east coast rivalry nationally aired game with the Flyers hosting the Rangers. There are also quite a few more airing locally or take your pick if you have a hockey/sports package with your provider.

Blog Photo - Tuesday Night Hockey Open Game Thread 3/26Game: Panthers (9-18-6) @ Maple Leafs (17-12-4)
7:00pm on FS-F, SNET-O
BK - Toronto wins this one, Panthers sucketh. That is all.

Debi - Leafs really want to get to that 40 mark. I think they just might steamroll right over the Panthers.

Jess - You know what they say - any given day. Toronto is obviously the better team but I'm calling an upset here.

Game: Canadiens (20-6-5) @ Penguins (25-8-0)
7:00pm on RDS, TSN-HABS, ROOT
BK - I'm almost afraid to pick this game, it really scares me. You know I can't pick against the Pens though. They're on one hell of a roll right now finding ways to win every night!

Debi - My son returned to camp today but he will get to see this game so I gotta pick the Habs in this barnburner!

Jess - Ya know, your Penguins and their taunting little "0 OT losses" are getting annoying. I already thought this one might end tied at regulation. Let's get rid of the only 0 left in that column tonight, shall we, Habs?

Game: Islanders (14-15-3) @ Capitals (15-16-1)
7:00pm on MSG PLUS, CSN-DC
BK - I'm gonna take the Isles for a road victory. The Caps are playing better the past week, but I feel the Isles are going to be rude guests tonight.

Debi - I have to go with the Caps. Gut feeling and probably wrong but it is what it is!!

Jess - Caps, if for moral support only.

Game: Jets (17-14-2) @ Hurricanes (15-13-2)
7:00pm on TSN-JETS, FS-CR
BK - I see the Jets finding a way to win this although I'm not convinced.

Debi - Damn. I don't want to pick this game. I gotta take the Jets

Jess - I swear I'm not just doing this to be contradictory today, and judging by your picks record I should probably agree more often. However, I'm calling Carolina here.

Game: Rangers (15-13-3) @ Flyers (13-16-2)
7:30pm on TSN, NBCSN, MSG, CSN-PH
BK - I gotta take the Rangers. Both teams are struggling, but my Philly hatred runs deep.

Jess - Ahh one we can agree on. Not that I hate Philly - I just think the Rangers take this one.

Game: Sabres (13-15-4) @ Lightning (13-18-1)
7:30pm on MSG-B, SUN
BK - Woof...Bolts on home ice I guess.

Jess - Uhhh...okay Lightning.

Game: Oilers (11-13-7) @ Blues (17-12-2)
8:00pm on SNET-EDM, FS-MW
BK - The Blues should have this one on home ice. Edmonton still leaves a lot to be desired.

Jess - Edmonton seems to be playing worse lately, don't they? And the Blues are relatively strong. My pick - St. Louis.

Game: Flames (12-14-4) @ Blackhawks (24-4-3)
8:30pm on SNET-W, CSN-CH
BK - Sorry Debi, gotta go with the Hawks. They're going to come out guns a-blazin' after blowing that game last night.

Jess - Yes, unfortunately for Debi and a lot of my other Flames fan friends, I feel like Chicago's coming out with something to prove. I can *hope* they go into a little slump for my Ducks' sake but I just don't think that's going to happen. Blackhawks.

Game: Blue Jackets (13-13-6) @ Canucks (17-9-6)
10:00pm on FS-O, SNET-P
BK - I am very tempted to go with the Jackets...you know what? I am, Columbus pulls off the upset.

Jess - I wish they would, but I don't think so. 'Nucks continue their win streak.

And in case you missed any of them, here are the top 5 plays from yesterday's games...

Video Courtesy of NHL.com

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3/27/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

Rangers is a joke...

3/26/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

I've been saying it for about the last 6 games or so that if the Pens were still on this win streak after these past 3, playing the Isles on the road, beating the Flyers on home ice, and beating the Habs, they were going to break their own record.  I think they can feel it now!

3/26/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Vokoun holds down the fort in the 3rd period and the Pens make it lucky #13!  First shutout of the Habs here in at least 35 years!

3/26/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Home much later than I planned, so didn't get all my picks in :(

I KNOW Chicago is going to win tonight, even though I am still a Flames fan!!!!!

I do not want Vancouver to win tonight, but like, Jess, I believe they will *bigger sigh*

Bolts and Blues,  Rangers in the last one.  

3/26/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Brian Gionta bowled over Tyler Kennedy and pushed him into Fleury, who may be injured.  If the Flower is hurt, Gionta better have his head on a swivel, because he's going to get flattened or punched by someone before this game is over for doing that s*** after the whistle!  That was dirty and highly unacceptable.

3/26/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Jess, I'm kinda surprised the Pens have only gone to a shootout twice this year.  I thought they would've lost a couple in OT by now, but I don't wanna see the win streak end tonight.

3/26/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Crosby gives the Pens a 1-0 lead with the first goal of the game more than halfway through the 2nd period.