Tuesday Night Hockey Open Game Thread 4/9

Can the Wild take 2pts against Chicago? [Live NHL Thread]

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Blog Photo - Tuesday Night Hockey Open Game Thread 4/9Greetings, puckheads! Only one of our host's teams are playing tonight, so we girls get to just enjoy some non-stress hockey! Not that BK's Penguins have a whole lot to worry about at this point, win or lose. Tonight's nationally aired bout is the Blackhawks and the Wild, which should be a decent game. Even when they're on the right end of a completely lopsided matchup the 'Hawks are fun to watch; I highly recommend it. 

Now that the men's NCAA tourney is over, we have another exciting playoff push to focus on, and there's no greater playoffs than the Stanley Cup playoffs; no greater trophy than the Stanley Cup.

Let's get to the lineup, shall we? All times eastern...

7:00pm - Flyers (17-18-3) @ Islanders (19-16-4) on CSN-PH, MSG PLUS
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Debi - The Flyers should have this, but home ice advantage? Nah, gotta take the Flyers, sorry Bryan.

Jess - This game just screams "ugly" to me, though I'm not sure why. Too much orange? No, not that kind of ugly. The Isles aren't as bad as I tend to make them in my mind, but I still think the Flyers win tonight.

BK - Isles are actually the better team.  As for the Flyers, stick a fork in them, they're done.

7:00pm - Penguins (29-10-0) @ Hurricanes (16-20-2) on Root, FS-CR
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Debi - the last few times I've picked the Pens, they haven't won. I picked them to beat the Canes last time, I think, and the Canes won. Hmmmmm. Nope, still think the Pens will get this.

Jess - Whoa, when did Carolina fall that far? I actually thought they were decent. Maybe they are better than it looks. Either way, I think the Penguins have this one.

BK - The Canes are in a horrible slump at home, and I'm hoping Jussi Jokinen has a nice homecoming tonight.  I don't want to see the Pens lose a season series to anyone, and the Canes are the only team they have NOT beaten this year.  Also, thanks to the Pens' Facebook page for the heads up on this...if the Pens win this tonight they clinch the Atlantic Division!  You know I'm picking them, LET'S GO PENS!

7:00pm - Sharks (20-11-7) @ Blue Jackets (16-16-7) on CSN-CA, FS-O
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Debi - Sharks

Jess - I'm calling the upset in Columbus.

BK - I think the Jackets can take this.  I'm with Jess, calling the upset as well.

7:30pm - Capitals (20-17-2) @ Canadiens (25-8-5) on RDS, CSN-DC+, TSN-HABS
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Debi - Habs at home!

Jess - Just as the Hurricanes dropped when I wasn't looking, the Capitals went and got good. They're on the road though, and Montreal is just too good, I think. Habs.

BK -The Caps have been playing much better the last couple weeks, but they are outmatched tonight...les Habitants vont gagner ce soir!

7:30pm - Senators (19-13-6) @ Lightning (16-20-2) on SNET-E, TVA, FS-F
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Debi - The Sens struggled a little over the weekend, but I still think they have this.

Jess - I agree, Debi. Sens.

BK - I believe that embarrassing loss to the Panthers will be a wake-up call to the Sens.  They won't lose two in a row to bottom-feeding teams.  We're ALLLLL on the Sens!

8:00pm - Sabres (16-17-6) @ Jets (19-19-2) on MSG-B, TSN-JETS
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Debi - I wish they had a Benny someone in the lineup, so I could say "Benny and the Jets" but anyway, Go JETS

Jess -hah! They really need to sign someone with "Benny" in his name. Even shortened last name would suffice. I'm thinking the Jets take this one at home too.

BK - I do believe the Sabres are the one Eastern team that can potentially play spoiler, but not tonight.  I'm making it a clean sweep with yinz two, Jets win this one on home ice.

8:00pm - Blues (21-14-2) @ Predators (15-17-8) on FS-MW, FS-S
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Debi - The Blues should take this, but honestly, Christi's teams are rocking this sports thing the last few days. I have to take the Preds!

Jess - This matchup is always so much fun for some reason; I think because it's so unpredictable. I'm going with the Blues, but I'm not confident.

BK - Yes, the Blues are the better team, but to keep my sister on cloud 9, I'm calling the upset.  Preds win at home. 

8:00pm - Blackhawks (29-5-4) @ Wild (22-14-2) on TSN2, NBCSN, CSN-CH
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Debi - I think Chicago is done resting. They want the President's trophy. 'Hawks it is.

Jess - Ya know what? Chicago probably has this easily, but I'm calling the upset just because I can.

BK - It won't be easy, but Hawks come out on top.

8:30pm - Kings (22-13-4) @ Stars (18-17-3) on PRIME, FS-SW+
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Debi - C'mon Kings!!

Jess - I don't pay close enough attention to Dallas to give any sort of decent analysis here, but the Kings are not happy about losing in the shootout to the dreaded waterfowl. They come out tough and kick Stars butt. Hopefully.

BK - Kings will take this one.  Dallas is done.

As always, quite the lineup on Tuesday night, ending with a fairly early game. I missed out on posting the greatest hits to start your week off, so we'll do that today. 

Video courtesy of NHL.com

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4/10/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I sat at BP tonight while my daughter worked and watched some meh hockey.  I honestly can't say any of it was that exciting :(

4/9/13   |   Scott   |   54600 respect

Back to back shutouts by Brian Elliott and 5 straight wins have the Blues peaking at the right time with 10 games left in their season

4/9/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building...5-3 Pens your final score and the Pens have won the Atlantic Division!laugh