Tulipbowl Sunday, all we've got left..

7/13/08 in NFL   |   kisschris   |   34 respect

Today was the match of the year.  The Dutch american football championship.

It was a rematch from last years final between the Amsterdam Crusaders and the Maastricht Wildcats.

I know, nobody gives a damn in the States but for us Europeans its the only fun we still can get in watching live american football. Since last year the NFL  pulled the plug out the NFL-Europa and thats a big miss in many European lives. The season only lasted 10 weeks but every year it was a party. So all we've got left is the Tulipbowl. There was no tv coverage or anything. There may be 2 lines in the paper tommorow if there's space left.

But hey the entrance was free and there where hamburgers so I had a great day. But please please please NFL give us back our 10 weeks of passion!




BTW  Amsterdam Crusaders beat the Maastricht Wildcats 20-8

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7/13/08   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Hey Chris! Glad you got to enjoy some football AND some hamburgers!  Oh and thanks for the update.....are we happy Amsterdam won?????