Turner Field is opening a Waffle House on Friday

Turner Field is getting a Waffle House this weekend, people!

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Blog Photo - Turner Field is opening a Waffle House on FridayWe already have good reason to be jealous of Atlanta Braves fans, what with the Braves' first-place standing in the NL East by an impressive 7.5 games. Now we have a pointed reason for more deeply insane jealousy of the Braves, their fans and their ballpark. Effective Friday, Turner Field will have a Waffle House open during Braves games.

Well, at least, I had a deeply insane jealousy of Atlanta Braves fans over their Waffle House -- until I saw that they have to pay nine bucks for an order of hash browns.

Nonetheless, a Waffle House is opening at Turner Field in time for Friday night's contest against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Braves made the announcement via their official Twitter feed by saying, "WaffleHouse will make it's debut @ Turner Field tomorrow. Serving hashbrowns & waffles with several different toppings #smothered+covered."

Blog Photo - Turner Field is opening a Waffle House on FridayWhat the Braves' social media department did not realize is that when you hashtag "smothered+covered", the plus sign (+) cancels out the rest of the hashtag and renders it just the word "smothered". Oh, there are some fascinating images when you scroll down the hashtag for "smothered" (Don't try this at work).

To the left, we see the Waffle House stand at Turner Field with its finishing touches being applied before Friday night's grand opening. (The full, high-res picture is at Yahoo Sports.) The menu appears to be rather limited, and a single waffle costs $5.25. Specialty waffles are $6.50, hash browns are $5.25, and an order of hash browns "all the way" (topped with onions, cheese, chili, ham, and peppers) will cost $9.

Braves fans, your Waffle House will be located in Section 130 at Turner Field.
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