Turner respects Jets game play but TE McMichael blames Chargers for the loss

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New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan is using every opportunity to strike verbal volleys to their victims this season. Ryan, who defeated the San Diego Chargers 27-21 last weekend struck against them in his latest press conference.

Ryan was also questioned about Chargers tight end Randy McMichael’s contention that the Chargers beat themselves. Ryan also analyzed Jets’ secondary which was useless in putting away Chargers 11-point lead at the halftime.

Ryan borrowed lines from the movie “Anchorman” to quote the main character Ron Burgundy’s signature line, “Stay classy, San Diego”. Just a couple of minutes later Chargers head coach, Norv Turner was all praise for Jets’ impressive showdown.

 “It’s so emotional after a loss, and certainly if you just break it down and say, “We threw two interceptions in the second half, we had the pass interference calls,’ then I think that’s probably what Randy was alluding to,” Turner said.

“You know, going in to New York, you play a team like the New York Jets, they’re a talented football team in all three phases, and you’ve got to go have great effort, which our guys did. You’ve got to execute at a high level, which we did a lot of the time -- not as often as we needed to -- and then you’ve got to have a little bit of luck along the way. Our guys gave an unbelievable effort. … We, again, we’re in a position where we had a chance to finish the game and we didn’t.”

On the other hand, an emotional McMichael admitted that it was the Chargers themselves who were to be blamed for the defeat. While talking to media, McMichael declared that the Chargers had the win in their hands but for some odd reason his team started making strange mistakes.

Call it complacency or simply stupidity, McMichael knew it was the Chargers that should be at the gallows. McMichael said, “We had them down and took our foot off the gas. I’m not giving credit to anybody. This is our fault. Nothing to do with the play calling … Their secondary isn’t anything. It’s our fault. The guys in this locker room, we lost the game.”

McMichael added, “The San Diego Chargers beat the San Diego Chargers. Nothing to do with the New York Jets. It’s embarrassing.” Later, McMichael was asked to explain the critical comments he made on the Chargers.

Later, McMichael confessed that he was, “very upset, very frustrated” after the loss and knew that his statements had crossed a couple of boundaries. McMichael concluded, “I never rescind anything I say," he said. "If I said it, I mean it.”

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10/27/11   |   Micheleenriquez   |   101 respect

Norv Turner is an a$$ and thats all there is to it.Rivers needs to practice .We have a great team to many mistakes.

10/27/11   |   w_g_walters   |   223 respect

Good think he didn't use Burgandy's modified signoff instead....

10/26/11   |   SamuelWhale   |   589 respect

 “Stay classy, San Diego”...