Two Aaron Hernandez associates indicted for murder

Hernandez' buddies indicted with murder, which just makes it worse for Aaron Hernandez

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Blog Photo - Two Aaron Hernandez associates indicted for murderThe Bristol county district attorney indicted the "two other guys" in the Aaron Hernandez murder case, but that is not good news for Aaron Hernandez. Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, alleged accessories to the June 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, were both indicted for Lloyd's murder today. Per Massachusetts law, these indictments will actually make it easier for prosecutors to convict Hernandez of the murder.

Hernandez himself was already indicted for Lloyd's murder this past August. I'm no attorney, but apparently several people can all be convicted for an individual murder. If you drove the car in which the victim was driven away to his execution, or if you rented the apartment where the murder weapons were secretly stashed -- both of which Hernandez is accused of -- you can also be charged with murder. The individual who pulled the trigger is not the only one who can be ultimately charged with murder.

The Boston Globe broke the news Friday afternoon that both of Aaron Hernandez' associates are being indicted with murder in the killing of Odin Lloyd. Both were with Hernandez when he allegedly drove Lloyd to the spot where he would be shot and killed.

Blog Photo - Two Aaron Hernandez associates indicted for murderProsecutors argue that Hernandez orchestrated the murder of Odin Lloyd (seen at right), but they have not indicated who they think pulled the trigger. "That’s not a theory that we would discuss at this juncture of the case," said DA spokesman Greg Miliote.

In Massachusetts, having multiple alleged murderers makes it easier to indict any one of them. Kevin Vaghan at Fox Sports explains, "Under Massachusetts law, a person does not have to be the actual killer to be charged with murder. Instead, a legal doctrine known as 'joint venture' makes associates who are involved in a killing susceptible to the same charge as the person who carried out the killing."

If Hernandez is accused under a "joint venture" murder, prosecutors do not have to prove he pulled the trigger to convict him.

This has been a particularly rough week for Aaron Hernandez. His fiance was seen grinding privates with a male stripper earlier this week.
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