Tyson Chandler Injures Right Knee

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Blog Photo - Tyson Chandler Injures Right Knee
The injury prone New York Knicks lived up to their reputation again after Tyson Chandler went down awkwardly with a right knee injury. During the first quarter against the Charlotte Bobcats, point guard Kemba Walker, accidentally fell into Chandler’s right knee, which caused him to immediately hit the floor.
“We don’t know the severity yet,” Mike Woodson said. “We’ll know more tomorrow morning.”
The Knicks are now 1-2 and you better believe that fans have their finger on the panic button. Chandler was their best defensive player, which does not bode well for a Knicks team with no frontcourt depth.
“He’s our anchor on our defensive end, so we miss him big time,” Anthony said,
The only big man now is the offensive minded Andrea Bargnani, who has never had a reputation for defense and whose offensive reputation is quickly declining. If the Knicks do not figure out something soon from within – like magically reconstructing Amare’s knee -  they may have to find an answer from outside the team in a form of a trade.
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