UCLA Football: Projecting Where Bruins QB Brett Hundley Will Be Taken in the 2015 NFL Draft

Will Brett Hundley Be a Top-10 Pick in the 2015 NFL Draft?

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Opinions of the 2014 NFL Draft class for quarterbacks was all over the place. Who would have thought that Blake Bortles would have been the first quarterback taken this time last year? Blog Photo - UCLA Football: Projecting Where Bruins QB Brett Hundley Will Be Taken in the 2015 NFL Draft 

But next year's quarterback class has much more star power than it did in 2014. You have the Heisman-winning trophy quarterback in Jameis Winston possibly coming out (I would be shocked if he didn’t) and Marcus Mariota, who’s put up ridiculous numbers at Oregon. One AFC general manager said Mariota would have been the best quarterback in the draft if he had left early.
Then there’s the dark horse Brett Hundley out of UCLA.
Hundley has already produced monster numbers in his first two seasons with the Bruins, racking up 7,921 total yards and 74 touchdowns. With all this production, Hundley came close to leaving last season to pursue the dream of playing in the NFL.
"There were some times when I could flip a coin and say whether I could stay or go," Hundley said, according to ESPN. "Honestly, it was a terrible decision, a hard one, personally. Some days I would wake up and I'd be like, 'All right, I'm out.' But if you count the days where I woke up and said, 'All right, I'm going to stay,' it was a little more than when I said I was gone."
The decision to come back one more year may pay off for Hundley. With another season to work on becoming a more polished passer, he could be signing a much bigger rookie contract next May.
"He really helped himself by going back," an NFC general manager said. "He's a great talent, but he's also not a finished product. He would've been in the mix with this year's quarterback prospects, but he'll be higher next year. He has everything you want in a leader."
As of now, Hundley is certainly in the conversation of being one of the top three quarterbacks in next years’ class. But you never know, a year could change everything—or even a pro day (ask Teddy Bridgewater).
What Hundley has over Winston and Mariota is his athleticism. The other two guys can be mobile when they need to, but Hundley is on a different level in terms of running with the football. If he can improve on his accuracy and decision-making, he could jump up to the No. 1 pick in 2015.
It’s way too early, but I would be shocked if Hundley is still on the board after the first 10 picks. I’m expecting him to have his best season yet and for UCLA to make some serious noise in the Pac-12. He should have general managers around the NFL drooling after all that. 
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