UFC 134: Ready to Roll, Silva and Okami gear up to break it in Rio

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Anderson Silva will have a chip on his shoulder when enters the Octagon to fight against his former competitor Yushin Okami. Silva hasn’t tasted defeat since his last matchup with Okami where he was disqualified. UFC 134 will give Silva the chance to take back glory and revenge with a single strike.

The fight should be a spectacular event owing to the fact it’s occurring in Brazil, which is known for its passionate MMA supporters. However, that is not the enthralling fact about the venue, Brazil happens to be Silva’s motherland therefore the house will be jam packed with his supporters. Analysts won’t be biased when they state Silva has an edge in the encounter.

Nonetheless, Okami has been preparing hard for the event. Just recently, it was revealed that Okami has been training with Chael Sonnen. For those of you that remember, Sonnen is the same man that beat Silva for almost five complete rounds.

UFC 134’s main event certainly satisfies the bellies of MMA fans with the all the action that is needed. The event is also carded with fights from some of the top fighters in Brazil. The attendance is expected to touch the top of the roof henceforth an amazing spectacle will be broadcasted.

Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua will encounter ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and former UFC light heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin. The fight happens to be a rematch on the card. No one knows the ropes for this one due to Shogun’s erratic form.

The question is will the Shogun with clinical strikes appear before the crowd or will he be the one that Forrest dominated and showed that he was better. Shogun is coming from a loss which was the first defense of his light heavyweight title against Jon Jones. The fight against Jones left many fans heartbroken while critics slated it as the worst moment of Shogun’s career. Coming off from such a fight, it might be hard for Shogun to concentrate against the speedy Forrest.

UFC 134 will also be featuring the fight between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Brendan Schaub. If Schaub manages emerge as victor from the bout it will be the second straight MMA legend that Shcaub has defeated.

In conclusion, UFC 134 has all the cards to provide fans with blockbuster action. Let’s hope everyone’s idol breaks a leg in their match.

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8/28/11   |   namvet6963113   |   21 respect

I knew Anderson who win! I had no faith in Schaub,or Griffin they where over matched,as was Okami!

8/27/11   |   SamuelWhale   |   589 respect

 I wana be in Brazil

8/27/11   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

 silva, schaub and griffin for the win

8/27/11   |   namvet6963113   |   21 respect

Silva will win in a walk over ! Will not go five rounds!